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    White Dolomite

    White Dolomite

    White Dolomite Marble is one of our local market stones which is preferred by large hotels and shopping center projects. Cause of the light surface the usage are is quite wide.
    Product Name: White Dolomite Marble
    Usage area: All kinds of interior, exterior floor, and wall covering applications.
    Characteristics: White-colored stone with a gray background pattern

    information usage areas

    Dolomite is used for all types of flooring (cut or rough), for the construction of natural stone walls and dry stone walls, like curbs, as palisades, as stone blocks, as a design stone for the construction of retaining walls and as paving stone.

    Properties and Diagnosis

    Dolomite stones are somewhat harder and much more brittle compared to chemically related limestone with a similar structure and texture. Like limestones, dolomites are often gray on fresh fractured areas but usually weather yellowish or brownish. The first indication of dolomite in the natural outcrop results from a rather splintered rock surface. This lack of smoothly washed surfaces is in contrast to limestone. In the field, dolomite can also be distinguished from limestone by its very slow reaction with cold, diluted (10 percent) hydrochloric acid: with dolomite, after the hydrochloric acid has been applied, carbon dioxide bubbles develop almost as little, while the acid in limestone rushes vigorously. Due to the lower susceptibility to solutions to weak acids, dolomite rocks karstify to a lesser extent and differently than limestone.