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    What suits gray tiles?

    What suits gray tiles?

    Tiles in gray, these colors harmonize wonderfully!

    Gray is the perfect basic color – its simple appearance makes it possible to see very different interiors beautifully. Whether an interior with a modern design, romantic charm or Scandi style: with tiles made of natural stone or porcelain stoneware in the shade of gray you are always right. Which color goes particularly well with gray tiles and gives an effective effect? We present different combinations.

    Scandinavian style with shades of gray

    Naturalness meets design – the Scandinavian style of living is characterized by the combination of natural materials with clear and reduced forms. Floor tiles in a light, natural shade of grays like the slate tiles Gray Slate go well with a wall design in light, maritime pastel colors such as turquoise, light blue or sand. In addition, simple, design-conscious furniture in white and light wood tones – voilá a Scandinavian dream! Ceramic tiles in a smoky-gray wood look, such as the Urban Smoke tiles, harmonize wonderfully with the above-mentioned colors and furniture in delicate pastel shades and create a casual, natural, summer atmosphere with a trendy touch that makes the Scandinavian style of living so lovable.

    Gray loves black and white

    Tiles in gray tones combined with wall colors in muted tones such as anthracite or dark blue and modern furniture in black create a noble and high-quality ambiance. With individual colored accents in bright colors or discreetly used accessories with a metallic look, you can also stage lively highlights. Tiles in dark gray shades, such as the slate tiles Mustang or the porcelain stoneware tiles New Moon in slate look also go great with a decidedly modern interior. Brick walls, pipes on the wall or ceiling and black vintage furniture are really staged with anthracite-colored tiles. Even the puristic living style can be staged with gray slate tiles – white walls and interior design with clear shapes form an elegant contrast to the natural character of the stone floor and the color slate.

    Which colors match gray tiles in the kitchen?

    Bright kitchen fronts, a solid wooden worktop, romantic decorative elements – light gray tiles such as the slate Gray Slate on floor and wall go perfectly with a country house kitchen dream with light colors and warm wood tones. Light country charm and natural charisma: that’s the beautiful effect of the gray tones in combination with the country house interior. In which color should you paint the walls? In addition to classic white, pastel shades in light blue or lime green blend well with gray tiles in the country house kitchen. If you like it playful and romantic, combine a rosé tone or nuances of lilac – beautifully to delicate gray slate tiles! Do you love modern kitchens? Light gray or dark gray tiles are also an optimal choice here and fit perfectly with design-conscious and clearly designed kitchen interiors. The colors can be strong: noble dark blue, modern mustard yellow or bright red fit just as well as a clear, white wall. Gray tiles are simply a combination talent!

    Bathroom with tiles in gray

    Whether in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or hallway – gray tiles cut a good figure in every living room. Tiles made of natural stone or porcelain stoneware make a great appearance in the bathroom: in most cases, they beautify not only the floor but also the walls and can fully develop their effect. A white bathtub and white washbasin in combination with bathroom tiles in shades of gray, for example, look particularly elegant. In addition, color accents in summer-like colors such as bright turquoise or pink and baths become wonderful wellness oases! Add to that the stylish flair: For some time now, gray has become an absolute trend color not only in fashion but also in the world of the living. An unobtrusive and at the same time noble effect and a great variety of combinations with different shades: gray tiles are a top choice!