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    Wellness and Natural Stone

    Wellness and Natural Stone

    A harmonious feel-good combination Tiles for the wellness area

    Take a deep breath and relax, come to rest in a pleasant environment – wellness oases in your own home can offer just that. The harmonious design of the retreat is important. The charisma of natural stone has been in use since ancient times to build beautiful bathing temples with a wellness effect. The combination of naturally grown material such as natural stone and a wellness area is still very popular today. Look for yourself!

    Sauna, pool even more beautiful with natural stone

    Wellness areas can consist of many components. A sauna or pool for your own four walls is particularly popular. Whirlpools, jacuzzis, rainforest and steam showers are equally popular, as are areas where you can do your body good with fitness equipment. Natural stones are wonderfully in all these areas, be it as flooring, wall cladding or mosaic detail. Washbasins made of natural stone also enhance the wellness area. If you like it exclusive, you can even design your pool with quartzite and granite.

    Beneficial for all the senses!

    The extra plus for natural stone – slate, travertine. are not only beautiful to look at, but they also feel good. An aspect that can score extra points in the wellness area. The velvety-soft surfaces of natural stone tiles, for example, are a real boon for barefooters that immediately conjure up a relaxed wellness atmosphere. The pleasant feel is also intensified by a tumbled or brushed surface treatment. Natural structures, such as those found in particular slate types, also provide sensually pleasant sensations and a feel-good atmosphere when they come into contact with bare feet.

    Wellness practical and easy to care

    Other points speak for natural stone in the wellness and bathroom area: Tiles made from the naturally grown material are extremely durable.

    The stones withstand high temperatures and humidity, and they are easy to care for, durable, hygienic and ideal for allergy sufferers.

    Another great advantage of natural stone: Its slip resistance makes it ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms. It is not for nothing that you can see natural stone flooring in many public bathing temples that prevent slipping. The excellent thermal conductivity of tiles made of natural stone also speaks for use in well-being areas.

    Wonderful design ideas with natural stone

    With natural stone, the wellness area design according to personal preferences as a dream retreat. With travertine tiles, you create a relaxed atmosphere that exudes southern flair and is particularly suitable for relaxation rooms with comfortable loungers. Combined with strong trend colors such as yellow or turquoise, the natural travertines with their color spectrum from beige to walnut brown are particularly beautiful – perfect for an atmosphere that relieves stress and relieves tension.

    With slate tiles in trendy gray and anthracite tones, you can make your wellness area particularly modern and clear. The combination of dark slate and light wood is particularly appealing. As an eye-catcher, you can also visually design a wall in your sauna with wall tiles or wall bricks. You have a large selection – your personal feel-good taste is always important in your wellness and bathroom design.

    Outdoor wellness with a natural flair

    Natural stones are also ideal for outdoor use for the design of visually appealing wellness oases. A particularly beautiful example: With an outdoor shower made of solid natural stone blocks, a wonderful Mediterranean flair comes into the wellness area. Natural stone slabs are also an excellent choice for pool surrounds: the pleasant feel, the beautiful look, and the practical properties make natural stone an ideal partner for wellness areas in the outdoor area.