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    Turkish White Marble

    Turkish White Marble

    White Marble for high demands

    White marble can be used wherever a representative appearance is required. If white marble is polished, the surface shines and sets exclusive significance, especially in the upscale interior design. Depending on customer requirements, cold white and warm white marble. You will find a large selection of white marble types with us which can be delivered as tiles for walls & floors as well your individually desired design.

    Mugla Marble unique white

    White marble is also known as Mugla marble. The name comes from the place of origin of the marble, the Mugla Region. This marble is divided into different quality classes. The class “Mugla Extra / Mugla Sugar” is a pure bright white quality. Class A1 or A1 / A2 is marble with a high proportion of white and occasionally small sprinkles. A3 denotes marble with light gray stripes or clouds. Class A3 is clearly structured with gray inclusions. Mugla marble belongs to the group of dolomite marbles and is one of the very few types of marble that is frost-resistant. The rock belongs to the carbonates and consists largely of dolomite. Dolomite marble is harder and has better acid resistance.

    Afyon Sugar marble – the white gold from Afyon Province

    Michelangelo already appreciated the white and particularly noble White marble Depending on the variety, White marble is considered luxurious white marble and has established itself worldwide. You should know that the Afyon marble name is not a marbled variety, but the mining area. Not far from the Ankara city of Afyon is the largest and most famous natural stone mining area for marble. When you hear the melodious variety names

    Tip: Yellow discoloration on white natural stones!

    Yellowish discoloration in white marble is caused by ferrous minerals in the marble and can often be found in the low price segment for marble.