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    Turkish travertine tiles slab indoor and outdoor design

    Turkish travertine tiles slab indoor and outdoor design

    Turkish Travertine tile and slabs

    From ivory, light beige colors to a light brown beige like a light milk coffee, prestige brown, clay colors, to a dark prestige brown. The options for this travertine are particularly diverse. A natural stone that not only shines with its natural original color but has also become one of the most popular stones for indoor and outdoor use.

    Turkish Travertine like a Stellar

    Travertine from Turkey visual better then Italien travertine. Those who value “made in Italy” pay more for Travertine, although there is no difference in quality between the natural stones of both nations. Turkish travertine scores better in quality and price.

    Tumbled surfaces and edges

    The finishing of the surfaces and edges ensures the perfect look of Turkish travertine. A Tumble provides the typical look: With this processing method, natural stones rotate in a Tumbled filled with stones. The rotation and rubbing of the stones on the slabs or tiles create a special rustic look that feels especially silky and soft at the same time. Tumbled travertine is very well suited to install natural Mediterranean design ideas and used to create the perfect Mediterranean look. Other types of processing are also in demand, such as Travertines with a polished surface, straight lines, bring a more modern touch to the living room.

    From the Mediterranean to modern

    Travertine Light, also known as Travertine brings a Mediterranean flair with a touch of elegance into your own four walls.
    This Turkish travertine looks the Mediterranean, but with its light color, it also adapts to other styles such as the country style well.
    The travertine medium is more rustic, with light beige to caramel tones.
    With its harmonious color, this natural stone is popular in rustic, country-style rooms.

    Where does Turkish travertine come from?

    Over 50 percent of the travertines offered are from Denizli, a province in the south-west of the country. Other large mining areas located in western Anatolia.

    Travertine application area

    Turkish Travertine can be used almost anywhere in the home and garden. Bathroom, Kitchen, floor, backsplash, pavers, pool deck, fireplace, table, countertops, terrace. It is very popular to use as a floor and wall coverings such as indoor and outdoor design