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    Turkish Natural Stone Tiles

    Turkish Natural Stone Tiles

    Noble Tiles of 700 varieties of stone

    We offer natural stone slabs in almost every shape and contour, whether as a floor slab, worktop, window sill or for your personal wish made of natural stone. We produce slabs of natural stone according to your needs and desires.

    Natural stone slabs whether granite slabs, marble slabs, slate slabs, etc. for window sills, stairs and building solutions such as wall covers. We can also install exclusive natural stone slabs such as kitchen worktops, washstands, and special natural stone solutions according to your wishes.

    Natural stone slabs are cut from stones that occur in nature. The term “natural stone slabs” therefore hides a large variety of different types of stone. There are granite slabs, marble slabs, slate slabs, and many other natural stone slabs. They all differ in terms of appearance and feel, hardness and resistance to weathering. The right natural stone can, therefore, be found for every purpose.

    On our website, you can get an impression of our natural stones. Many natural stone slabs are presented here and of course, we are also at your side with advice. If you have decided, we reserve the stones for you and manufacture the natural stone slabs according to your wishes. We will be happy to supply the natural stone slabs specially made for you on request.

    Since there are many different natural stones with different properties, there is a suitable stone for every application. As a rule, natural stones are very durable, frost-resistant and weather-resistant. However, this does not mean that the stones that are processed outdoors do not change. Weather and weather conditions give many natural stone slabs a patina that can develop their very special charm if you take this process into account when planning.

    Natural stone slabs are ideal for creating paths and terraces outdoors. Depending on the material, the stones can underline the rustic or the classic-modern impression of the garden and the garden architecture. In combination with natural stone walls or sculptures and benches made of natural stone, a large variety of designs is possible.

    When building and renovating a house, natural stone slabs can be used as window sills, for designing the entrances, cladding of all kinds and as a natural floor covering. It is a frequently heard prejudice that stone creates a cold atmosphere: it depends on the stone. Marble creates a certain coolness, but many types of sandstone are perceived as extremely warm and cozy. Many natural stone slabs are also ideal due to the high heat storage capacity, to be installed in combination with underfloor heating. Whether modern or rustic – natural stones contribute to the well-being in your own four walls and lead to a comfortable room climate.

    Natural stones are natural materials and largely free of pollutants, which cannot always be avoided with industrially manufactured stones. No toxic or contaminated substances are released that pollute the room air. Since the natural stone slabs are also easy to clean, an interior with natural stone slabs is ideal for allergy sufferers.

    Turkish Natural Stone Tiles

    Granite Slabs

    You can find a large selection of granite slabs and from all over the world in our offer. Granite slabs are suitable for all your desired applications as natural stone slabs, whether as floor slabs, wall slabs or granite slabs made to measure. In addition, the granite slabs we offer can also be supplied with various surface treatments.

    Marble Slabs

    Marble slabs are the noble variant among natural stone slabs. The ancient Romans enjoyed marble slabs, which they used in an almost limitless variety. Michelangelo also made the marble slabs famous worldwide. Marble slabs are suitable for many areas of application, whether as floor slabs, wall slabs or marble slabs made to measure.

    Quartzite Slabs

    Quartzite slabs are noble and the most resistant natural stone slabs for a variety of uses. Natural stone slabs made of quartzite are naturally graceful, extremely resistant and insensitive. With quartzite slabs, the visual appeal ranges from the original to exquisite workmanship.

    Travertine Slabs

    Travertine – frost-resistant and easy to maintain
    From Mediterranean-rustic to modern, our selection of travertine panels offers many design options. If installed correctly, the travertine will not be damaged in winter. We recommend impregnation for optimal protection and care of the natural stone. We offer travertine slabs in various formats from rectangular to square to the Roman Association, there is something for every taste!