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    Turkish Marble Slabs for every Application

    Turkish Marble Slabs for every Application

    Marble Slabs

    As a Matter of Fact Marble slabs is convenient as functional and decorative worktops, cover plates, window sills, stairs. You receive from us individual marble slabs for the interior or exterior areas according to your wishes and for almost every application.

    Best Quality Turkish Marble slabs

    Marble slabs as flooring, wall cladding gives each building or room a unique character and are also suitable as a decorative design element. The selection of our marble types is almost limitless and each slab is as unique as nature itself. You will find a large selection of different marble slabs with us, which we process to your desired slabs. Whether you choose Mugla white marble, the world-famous Afyon marble, Kutahya black marble, Usak green marble or another one of our many types of marble with us you will only get the best quality of this fine stones.

    If you want to get an idea of the color, structure, and texture of the various marble slabs before buying, you can find it on our website. You choose your personal favorite marble slabs and we deliver your very own marble, which every visitor will admire.

    There are marble slabs from many different types of Stone. Marble comes in a wide variety of forms like hardly any other natural stone. They differ in color and marbling. Even marble from the same region can be designed differently. There is the Bilecik red beige from our Bilecik Region in a single-colored Mediterranean beige, other stones of this type are provided with a strong red vein. This diversity makes it possible to fine-tune the color and grain of the marble slabs to match the architecture and environment. Some stones are very hard and scratch-resistant on the surface. They are suitable for floor coverings and worktops. Other marble slabs, on the other hand, have a softer surface and are therefore mainly used as wall cladding. These properties should also be considered when choosing the marble.