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    Turkey Tile Backsplash

    Turkey Tile Backsplash

    Beautiful tile ideas for the kitchen & bathroom

    Simply practical – a tiled wall strip in the cooking area or near the sink and bathtub has many advantages. If you think of the pale pink or squeaky yellow small-format tiles in the style of the 60s and 70s at Tile Mirror, you can rest easy. It has long been clear that you can create varied accents in kitchens and bathrooms with beautiful tiles and the tile mirror is making a real comeback. Learn more about this in this article.

    Unbeatably practical in the kitchen

    Splashes of fat, tomato sauce, steam or overflowing pasta water – a hard-wearing kitchen back wall is essential in the cooking area. A material that is robust and extremely easy to care for and offers good splash protection is best suited for this. No wonder that the tile mirror, as a protective rear wall, began its triumphal march in the kitchen early on. The kitchen mirror with its easy-care tiles maintained its claim to rule for a long time, although there were only a few variations in color and shape. Even today, people are aware of the practical advantages of a tiled rear wall in the kitchen – but there are completely new dimensions in the aesthetics of kitchen tiles. Large-format tiles made of natural stone or chic tiles made of porcelain stoneware with a natural stone look or wood look are not only practical, but they also embellish kitchen back walls.

    Hygienic wall tiles in the bathroom

    Splashes of water and foam, rising steam – bathrooms are places of heavy use. Associated with this is above all the risk of mold formation, which damages the structure and the health. That is why it is advisable not only to have a tile mirror behind the sink, shower or bathtub in bathrooms but also to have floor-to-ceiling tiled walls. Beautiful large-format floor tiles and wall tiles, but also pretty mosaics make bathrooms a dreamlike wellness oasis, which at the same time offers a good indoor climate and is easy to maintain. Whether natural stone or porcelain stoneware with natural stone and wood-look – stone tiles are the first choice for the bathroom.

    Turn old into new renovate tile mirror

    In existing properties, there is often a tile mirror in the kitchen and bathroom. This does not always meet personal taste. There are different options here: Firstly, you can use tile stickers and give the existing tiles a new look. A nicer solution is definitely a new tile mirror – there are two variants: either glue tiles on tiles or remove the existing tile mirror and then attach the desired wall tiles.