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    Travertine Types

    Travertine Types

    Turkish Travertine types

    The variety of colors and structures of Travertine stone tiles is almost inexhaustible. Almost all colors are available. Since the natural stone travertine is one of the most popular and most popular natural stones that you can buy from us, we would like to present a small selection of our range of natural stone tiles made of travertine. Turkish travertine is our specialty, which we keep in stock.

    Travertine stone for every taste

    Travertine Ivory

    The travertine Ivory is the brightest candidate in our range and the finest grade available on the market. With its light beige and ivory tones, this travertine has a very homogeneous overall surface and exudes a noble and high-quality ambiance. We recommend this travertine in a tumbled and polished, suitable for a modern or classic style of living.

    Travertine Light

    Travertine light is the most popular sort in our range. The Turkish travertine light convinces with fine colors from light beige to beige and cream. A universal natural stone that fits almost in all furnishing styles. Available in our stock in a tumbled or brushed style.

    Travertine Light-Medium

    A hybrid between the popular travertine light and the somewhat darker travertine medium. The laid surface looks a bit livelier and changes between light and dark beige tones. In the total area, this sorting appears Mediterranean, modern and at the same time cozy.

    Travertine Medium

    Medium beige tones to light brown radiate a rustic ambiance in your living room. Due to the slightly darker color, the travertine medium is a very easy-care natural stone floor on which most household dirt or stains get lost in the natural stone surface.

    Travertine Multicolor

    Travertine that hardly reveals a sort at first glance, since the travertine multicolor contains almost the entire color spectrum of travertine. In the installed area, however, this floor unfolds its uniqueness and versatility. Take a look at the pictures of our reference project with these natural stone tiles made of travertine and see for yourself.

    Travertine Noce

    Noce from Italian for nut actually does not do justice to the color of our travertine Noce. The shell of a nut is significantly lighter than our travertine, which has a strong brown color. A very expressive floor for connoisseurs, which creates an exciting, warm atmosphere, especially in combination with bright modern furniture.

    Travertine Silver

    The basic color of travertine silver is a light gray to silver-gray natural stone, interspersed with light, beige and sand-colored areas, structures and clouds. Close to nature, modern and timeless at the same time, this travertine impresses with its extraordinary coloring.

    Travertine Gold

    The travertine gold or travertine yellow enchants with its strong golden yellow color, interspersed with partly brown and white veins and structures. Travertine that is more in demand for outdoor use than terrace slabs or garden slabs and that lets your terrace shine in the colors of the sun even on cloudy days.