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    Travertine Tiles Noce Tumbled

    Travertine Tiles Noce Tumbled

    Excellent Noce Travertine tiles tumbled design ideas

    This brown limestone impresses with its rustic, Mediterranean look and is ideal as a floor and wall covering. The warm color creates a cozy room ambiance. Its unpacked, tumbled surface gives it a unique look. The stone, which is still open-pored on delivery, is fully grouted with a natural stone grout. In addition to the joints, this also closes the natural, characteristic pores. The big advantage is that the joints and the filling of the pores have the same color. This stone is also happy to be combined with our material travertine classic.

    Product features:

    Surface processing: finely tumbled and not filled
    Edge processing: tumbled
    Selection: 1st class / A-goods
    Area of application: Indoor floor and wall
    Frost resistance: no
    Petrographic type of rock: limestone