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    Travertine Needs the right care

    Travertine Needs the right care

    What you should pay attention to when caring for the Travertine natural stone?

    Travertine is a popular natural stone. Whether as travertine tile for indoor use or as a panel in outdoor areas, this flooring gives your house or garden Mediterranean charm. The characteristic holes in the travertine are more or less pronounced depending on the variety. This makes the travertine very rustic (such as the travertine medium), or rather modern (such as the travertine Denizli Medium). However, these holes do not complicate the care of the travertine. On the contrary, the natural stone is very easy to care for and easy to clean. However, care must be taken to use the right cleaning agents. An unsuitable agent can cause lasting damage to your natural stone floor. We, therefore, show you what you should pay attention to when caring for your travertine. So you can enjoy this unique, beautiful natural stone for a long time!

    Preventive protection: The impregnation

    The care of travertine begins immediately after laying. Since the joint material is distributed over the tiles inside, we recommend impregnating before grouting. Subsequently, residues of the joint material can be removed much more easily. Your travertine is also protected against future contamination by impregnation as the cornerstone of care. It lies like a protective film on the surface of your travertine and prevents the penetration of red wine, juices and much more. The optimal care for your travertine. An additional advantage: the impregnation only has to be renewed every four years! The travertine is simple and practical to use.

    Daily care and cleaning of travertine

    To avoid the first mistake in travertine care, you should avoid cement veil and rust removers. These may be well suited for other natural stones such as granite but can be too aggressive for travertine. A basic cleaner is therefore recommended for cleaning after laying and grouting. This removes grease stains and other dirt that has arisen during the laying and grouting. Your travertine will receive optimal care! You can also use this basic cleaner for daily travertine care. Simply add a little of the cleaner to the washer fluid and your travertine will shine in new splendor!