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    Travertine for the bathroom

    Travertine for the bathroom

    Holiday Feelings in Beauty Care

    Greatest relaxation with a Mediterranean look – design your bathroom with travertine and let yourself be carried away by the hectic pace of everyday life into the casual lifestyle of the south! The warm tones of the natural stone discharge a summer mood and feelings of happiness – like on a relaxed vacation day. Whether a rustic feel-good atmosphere or a warm, elegant look: with the natural stone choice of travertine you bring the Mediterranean look into your bathroom!

    Natural charm for wellness feelings

    To make the bathroom a carefree place of wellbeing that spreads Mediterranean flair, it is advisable to use natural materials. Maritime decorations such as shells, plants in stone bathtubs or baskets made of wicker create a warm wellness atmosphere. Coarsely plastered walls in combination with travertine tiles look beautiful a guarantee for a relaxed holiday feeling. Travertine is also the ideal material for wall design, elegant sinks to top the Mediterranean flair in your bathroom.

    Warm colors – the soul laughs!

    Travertine is available in a variety of friendly, warm shades that charm up a positive mood in your bathroom. If you like it more subtle, opt for soft, pastel travertine tiles in beige or delicate brown, lovers of stronger colors can choose from a range of darker shades – how about golden shimmering caramel or striking brown, like the travertine Noce tiles? The natural sand and earth tones of the natural stone tiles contrast attractively with the colors of the ocean, which provide accents with a refreshing effect. A bright, sunny yellow, a terracotta reddish-brown or a matt olive green color in combination with travertine is a wonderful choice for a bathroom with a Mediterranean look.

    Barefoot in the bathroom with Travertine

    Travertine can also adapt to its pleasant surface. With a polished, brushed or tumbled treatment, the natural stone is effective for a velvety feel-good plus that puts a smile on the face of barefoot walkers in the bathroom. With their anti-slip effect, the travertine surfaces also ensure safety in wet areas – ideal for the bathroom! The characteristic small holes, which are different in the travertine varieties, reinforce the Mediterranean look created by the warm colors. The tumbled edge processing also has a casual, southern effect, beautiful with the travertine tiles Rustic or Noce.

    Well-groomed beauty through correct treatment

    What about the care of natural stone in the bathroom? The basis for beautiful travertine tiles is an impregnation that protects them for a long time. Otherwise, cleaning is straightforward – simply sweep away dirt with a soft broom or rinse off with lukewarm water. Wipe care that is matched to natural stone and is applied from time to time also helps to maintain a well-groomed condition. In general, you should avoid cleaning agents that contain acids and surfactants, instead, you can effectively treat stains with good basic cleaners. If you follow these tips, you will receive your Mediterranean wellness oasis in your own walls for a long time beautifully and well cared for.