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    Toros Black Marble

    Toros Black Marble

    Toros Black is an Anatolian marble that has a bright and attractive design for high-quality projects. Requested by hotels, residence, villa, office and private school projects.
    Product Name: Toros Black
    Usage area: Floor and special facade claddings, marble table and tripod applications, all decorative designs.
    Characteristics: Mainly Black colored with white lines
    Country of Origin: Turkey

    Toros Black marble is rare

    The search for the dark natural stone is not exactly easy. Black marble is only mined in a few places. These are mainly located in Turkey. A black marble called Aksehir Black or Black Pearl Marble is mined far from the other dark varieties: Not so easy to find a black marble! You can realize great design ideas with dark natural stone. A dark tiled floor goes well with white furniture and gives a room a classy ambiance. If you don’t want to do without this style, you may have to search for alternatives: slate tiles, which are available in various shades of gray from light to dark, also suitable.

    But if exotic black marble is your choice, then you should definitely read our tips for care and cleaning of marble. If your marble floor loses its shine, you could grind it or polish the marble, because the typical shimmer of the natural stone contributes a large part to its atmosphere!