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    Tiles for the bedroom

    Tiles for the bedroom

    Tile trends for the Restroom

    The bedroom! our favorite retreat where you can recharge your batteries and relax. The more beautiful and tailored the relaxation oasis to your own taste, the higher the feel-good factor. In addition to the bed, bedroom furniture, and wall paint, the flooring also plays an important role. Whether the favorite ambiance should be romantic, elegant or modern – there are matching floor tiles for every style that intensifies the desired flair in the bedroom. Let yourself be inspired in this article and learn everything about tile trends and beautiful design ideas for your oasis of calm!

    Bedroom with natural stone

    The natural trend is also a big topic in the bedroom. Natural materials create a harmonious and casual mood. “Tumbled travertines and limestone tiles are particularly popular for bedrooms,” explains trend analyst Patrick Finkbeiner. Thanks to their warm and friendly colors, these natural stones create the desired feel-good atmosphere in bedrooms. “Especially the Mediterranean or the country house style is wonderful for the rooms. In this way, you can combine coziness, trend, and ambiance with just a snap of your fingers, ”continues Patrick Finkbeiner. The tumbled surfaces give the natural stone tiles a particularly soft feel. Then it doesn’t matter which foot you get up in the morning: as soon as it touches the cuddly floor, the day can only be good.

    modern tiles for the Bedroom

    Those who like a simple, clear living style would also like to see this concept implemented in their intimate retreat, the bedroom. No-frills furniture and accessories contribute to a clean and modern atmosphere just as much as flooring with a subtle but elegant color scheme in gray or black. Slate tiles with a color repertoire ranging from light gray to anthracite are ideal for a modern bedroom. Together with a simple interior and a few accessory accents, such beautiful design concepts can be realized with slate tiles. In addition to pure white and noble black, colors that go well with gray tiles are also strong tones such as modern mustard yellow or bright red. In addition to natural stone tiles, there are also ceramic tiles with a slate look that wonderfully imitate the color and structure of real slate. Porcelain stoneware tiles are also available in XXL formats, which further underline the modern character of the bedroom.

    Cozy flair in the bedroom

    A natural, warm wooden floor is also very popular when designing a bedroom. The beautiful colors of the different types of wood and the distinctive grain create a cozy and homely atmosphere that goes well with a retreat. There is an alternative to real wood floors that wear out quickly and are maintenance-intensive with wooden tiles made of porcelain stoneware. The authentic character of the wood is deceptively real with these types of tiles, the typical wood colors and the characteristic structures look like the original with the wood look. In addition, wood look tiles score with an extremely robust structure and are very easy to care for. Another advantage: The products from this range of tiles are not very heavy and can also be easily installed as wall tiles – so you can enjoy the cozy charisma of wood in your bedroom even more intensely.

    Cuddle with natural stone

    Warmth is very important for a comfortable feeling. If you come out of the nice, warm bed and hit a cold floor, it’s no fun. With tiles made of natural stone and porcelain stoneware, you have the ideal conditions for underfloor heating that generates a quick and pleasant floor temperature. The excellent heat conduction of natural stone and porcelain stoneware reaches top values and far exceeds the performance of other floor coverings. In addition, the warmth of underfloor heating is particularly energy-saving and offers visual advantages – it works quietly and effectively in secret. The cuddly and feel-good factor is further enhanced by the velvety and pleasantly structured surface of the floor tile.