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    The Truth about Turkish Granite Shower

    The Truth about Turkish Granite Shower

    Beautiful granite shower walls unique & expressive

    The cladding of the shower can be wonderfully and absolutely unique with natural stone. Our almost limitless selection and the simple ordering of the required plates is advantageous for you. Measure the planned area and send us your measurements, we will deliver the individual elements directly to your home. Visually, natural stone in the bathroom is always a highlight. The entire atmosphere in the bathroom has a noble and timelessly beautiful elegance. Since the structure of the rocks can be seen with the naked eye, the room appears very harmonious and almost cozy. There is always a little touch of holiday feeling when using natural stone, while tiles never completely lose the touch of coolness.

    Ideal alternatives Natural stone shower Cladding

    There are various materials to choose from when planning the bathroom. The classic are wall tiles in different colors and sizes. But a beauty flaw remains over the years: the joints turn gray over time and have to be cleaned regularly. In the case of a shower wall made of natural stone, it is not only unnecessary to clean the joints. Because natural stone gives the bathroom a beautiful appearance that meets the modern requirements for the design of wet rooms. Natural stone like granite is insensitive to water, the surface looks just as beautiful after years as from the first day. The shower wall can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or a puller. Because with the shower wall made of natural stone, the annoying grouting is over!

    Natural stone – advantages in maintenance and first-class optics

    The cladding with this exceptionally robust material therefore also offers long-term advantages. Because even after many years you won’t have to worry about cleaning. In addition, the surface of the shower base can be delivered non-slip. In general, worktops, floor coverings, and the granite shower are treated with a surface finish. Here you choose according to your individual ideas. Color brilliance is a priority for the polished surface, which is where the texture of the stone comes into its own. You get a matt surface when you order a polished surface. This is not always sure-footed, which is only necessary to a limited extent with a shower screen. The surface becomes sure-footed when it is flamed. This is generally referred to as the antique look of natural stone. If diamond brushes are used, there is the talk of a satin surface that has a kind of leather-look or silk gloss.