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    The Structure of Turkish Travertine

    The Structure of Turkish Travertine

    The structure of Turkish Travertine​ Travertine is classified into 3 categories and qualities, which we would like to introduce here. The importance to know that when classifying into categories, both the color, and the homogeneity of the travertine, and the size of the holes and pores play a big role.

    Prices for Travertine tiles, depending on the application, and surface structure.

    The high demand for Turkish travertine is mainly due to its affordable price compared to the Italian travertine.

    The first quality of travertine tiles.

    Travertine Light beige with a very little color difference of the individual plates to each other. The same applies to its structure. Pores and holes with a maximum diameter of 5 mm are considered as premium quality.

    Travertine tiles characteristics, robust, easy to clean, inexpensive

    Travertine has been a trend for many years and it is in great demand and popular for indoor use as a floor, wall covering, such as living room, bathroom, kitchen or hallway, as well as in the outdoor area as terrace stone.

    Travertine tiles combine a home-loving Mediterranean ambiance!

    Comparable to parquet or plank flooring with a high degree of robustness and easy care and cleaning. With the native colors of travertine, from light beige to rich brown and the natural smooth color transitions, almost all living styles can be applicated from purist modern to rustic.