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    The pool surround made of the best natural stone

    The pool surround made of the best natural stone

    The pool border – bring your swimming pool to the fore

    When the temperatures rise in summer and it gets uncomfortably hot inside, there is nothing better than a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. The own pool in the garden is, therefore, the dream of many homeowners. Apart from the pleasant refreshing effect, a swimming pool can also be seen as a decorative highlight in your garden. Especially if the pool border has been carefully planned and selected. Just like a picture frame brings out the framed picture, the pool surround can make the pool an absolute eye-catcher. Do you want to integrate the swimming pool into the garden in the best possible and seemingly seamless manner? This can also be done perfectly with the right pool border. The design of the garden and pool reveals a lot about the owners. Especially on hot summer days, all of your free time is in the garden. The swimming pool is particularly central to the action. You cool off in the cool water of the water, you can enjoy the sun lying on a bath towel or in a deck chair at the pool edge and let the warm rays tan you. The pool edge is also often used by children as a playground, which entails a certain risk of danger (risk of slipping). Therefore the right stone for your pool border should be carefully selected. On the one hand, it should be fancy, noble and elegant, on the other hand, it should be insensitive, frost-resistant and easy to care for, but also non-slip to avoid falls when wet.

    What is the best Pool surround made of natural stone?

    The private swimming pool is undoubtedly a highlight for every homeowner. The optical design around the pool – the pool border – is a decisive design factor. However, choosing the right materials is at least as important as the design. Pool borders made of natural stone have proven particularly useful due to their material properties. They are not only an eye-catcher, but they also make a significant contribution to well-being and safety around the pool. For example, limestone and travertine do not become hot even in intense sunlight, which makes sitting at the edge of the pool or sunbathing on the pool edge pleasant. In addition, our flamed or sandblasted pool curbs are non-slip, which is conducive to pool safety. Even if the pool surround is damp or wet, with our pool stones made of natural stone you are on the safe side.

    Other advantages of a pool border made of natural stone

    Natural stone is an architectural design factor due to its large selection of colors and structures, but it also has very practical advantages due to its material properties: It is hard-wearing and resistant, frost-resistant, easy to care for and resistant to moisture and heat. In addition, natural stone has the highest resilience and the lowest abrasion values. Due to the extensive selection of colors and structures, each pool border gets its unique design and can be optimally adapted to the environment.

    Which natural stone is the best for your pool surround?


    Quartzites are fine to medium-grained metamorphic rocks, which are characterized by high resistance to environmental influences. Perfect for pool curbs.


    Granites have a high resistance, hardness and weather resistance. For example, they are used as paving stones in road construction. Best suited for pool borders.


    The limestone is extremely versatile. Above all, dense limestone is used as an easy-to-work natural stone, which is particularly advantageous for the edging of pools.


    Travertine is mostly porous and interspersed with voids. This makes it easy to work with and its ability to absorb water makes it particularly suitable as a pool border.


    Sandstone is a widely used building material. Use as paving stone and for facades, but also very suitable for pool surrounds.


    The durability and the unique appearance makes marble a coveted natural stone for pool surrounds.