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    Terrace tile design in country style

    Terrace tile design in country style

    Original charm for the outside area!

    A little break in the country to take a deep breath, relax and recharge your batteries. Who sometimes does not wish to be able to simply escape everyday life into the green and to be able to relax in the Alpine foothills or in a chic country villa! With a country-style terrace design, you can easily bring the countryside into the garden yourself. But which garden furniture, colors, and decorative elements are typical for garden design with rural charm? In this article, we show you everything you need to design a country house terrace.

    This is country style

    Philosophy of life natural originality!
    For country chic on the terrace and in the garden, the principle of well-being with style and a little bit of coziness applies. As a formerly rather purpose-oriented way of living for the rural population, regional special subspecies have emerged, which can be distinguished particularly by the decoration.

    Terrace design in country style

    Authenticity through natural materials! Especially outdoors, there is a clear emphasis on plants. In addition to container plants or a plant table with different garden herbs, domestic flowering plants such as e.g. Roses, lilacs or hydrangeas to create a country house terrace or balcony.

    As you sit down, you enjoy it! Seating and patio furniture are inviting when it comes to designing a patio in a country house style and are mostly solid rather than filigree. Stable wooden benches and spacious chairs and tables are inviting and exude original charm.

    Arbors, paths, and beds framed by gravel and sturdy roofs can also add accents to the garden design and be planted with a climbing plant or a rose bush, for example. If you want to protect your small country-style garden paradise from prying eyes, you can use a playful wrought-iron fence or a filigree pergola for country-style terrace design.

    Design element terrace floor

    A suitable floor design provides the ideal basis for the charm of a country house to find its way into. Similar to the interior, wooden planks can be used for this. Disadvantage: A wooden terrace is susceptible to the weather and time-consuming to maintain and clean. A better alternative can be natural stone or porcelain stoneware with a wood look. Similar to a Mediterranean outdoor design, polygonal tiles are often used for the design of a country house terrace, as they bring with them a certain dynamic and the charm of the imperfect and functional.

    With their rustic charm and tumbled surface treatment in a used look, travertine slabs in particular match different characteristics of the country house style.