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    Terrace slabs made of quartzite

    Terrace slabs made of quartzite

    Quartzite in blue, green, red or gray?Experience a very special material

    Quartzite is multi-faceted! The natural stone variety offers unique grains and a huge variety of colors. But also for lovers of modern terrace design, panels are available in the trend color gray, for example. In addition, the natural stone is extremely robust and abrasion-resistant, making it perfect for your terrace! Terrace slabs made of quartzite bring freshness to your garden and make it something special. Learn more about the natural phenomenon of quartzite in the following article.

    What are the most common types of quartzite?

    The variety, structure, and color of different types of quartzite shows once again: Earth is an artist. The color palette is almost entirely covered by various quartzites. Green, pink and also blue variants are available. In addition, there are unique textures, for example, the quartzite Azul Macaubas from Brazil has a flowing, line-like color gradient from white to dark blue.

    The most common types are rather simple in their coloring: gray, but also sandstone-colored or beige quartzites are particularly popular. One of the most famous types of quartzite is the Alta quartzite from Norway. The natural stone has a gray to a greenish color, which is why terrace tiles made from this type of natural stone fit very harmoniously into the garden.

    In the following, we have put together a few tips on how you can design with quartzite terrace slabs particularly well:

    5 tips for outdoor quartzite

    1. The first priority is the frost resistance in the outdoor area. This should definitely be the case with your quartzite slabs and checked.
    2. Relocation must be done! Despite the robustness of the rock, patio slabs made of quartzite should be laid with a gradient of approx. 2-3%, so that rain and meltwater can drain away easily
    3. The laying of quartzite exterior is usually made either loose chippings on or fixed on single grain mortar.
    4. The cutting should be done with a saw matched to natural stone, e.g. a wet cutting machine. Normal saws and saw blades are not suitable for such hard rock.
    5. Quartzite laid? Impregnation protects the surface of your terrace tiles from stains with an invisible protective film.

    Different formats and laying patterns

    Large-format terrace slabs made of quartzite are IN! They create homogeneity and a uniform overall picture. Particularly modern garden design harmonizes with this type of format. Rectangular or square shapes are usually preferred.

    A little variety? Thanks to their irregular shape, polygonal panels bring vitality to your terrace! Due to the individual cutting of each individual natural stone slab, this format looks anything but small-scale and perfectionistic.

    The charm of an ancient installation motif: The Roman Association consists of at least three formats, but the combination of four different formats is usually chosen. The basic pattern for laying is a set of 6 slabs or tiles, which is repeated over and over again during laying.

    The laying pattern exudes Mediterranean flair, especially in the case of yellow to brown quartzite patio slabs. It is also particularly advantageous that the waste is reduced by different sizes.

    An alternative to quartzite

    Like quartzite, granite is a hard rock and can easily be laid on the terrace. The exciting look that is valued in quartzite can also be found in some types of granite. The varied granite Urban Gray Line offers a combination of typical black and white grain and interesting line-like textures. The natural stone forms the optimal balance between dominance and restraint.

    Have you lost your heart to gray natural stones? How about slate? Dark gray slate-like the Black Rustic is trendy! With a split surface, the terrace tiles look very natural and at the same time noble.

    Indoor quartzite on the wall and floor

    The feel-good factor must be right in your own home! For many people, it is particularly important to give their living space some individuality. Quartzite tiles are particularly suitable for this. A type of quartzite that combines the trend color anthracite with interesting textures and inclusions is Silver Gray. A silver-colored mirror effect is inherent in this natural stone.

    Who says natural stone belongs to the floor ?! Our wall cladding made of quartzite Himalaya White brings white freshness to your wall. A light shimmer emanates from this type of quartzite and enhances your living area!