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    Tell me about Turkish Granite Table Top

    Tell me about Turkish Granite Table Top

    Noble granite for your individual tabletop applications

    A granite tabletop is unique and elegant, robust, and an attractive eye-catcher in the home. Furthermore, this beautiful natural stone shows every viewer with a long and tremendous history. This deep Stone developed millions of years ago from a crystalline mixture of feldspar, quartz, and mica. The mountains as we know them today are silent witnesses of a pulsating process that has produced wonderful natural stones as well as granite. The global occurrence of granite enables the production of individual granite table tops in almost any color. Of course, the color spectrum and textures of granite are an impressive design by nature.

    A granite tabletop combines contemporary history and unique design

    With each granite tabletop, you get a unique piece of contemporary history. With us, contemporary history meets high-tech. In order to be able to fulfill almost every customer request with regard to granite table tops, we can offer you production at the highest technical level if required. We make your tabletop a real work of art made of granite.

    The central point of a granite tabletop: high-quality properties

    The high degree of hardness makes granite much interesting for tabletops that are always in use and have to meet high requirements. This includes waterproofness of the granite table tops if this is to be set up in the garden. Frequent rainy days but also extremely cold frost phases are no problem for granite table tops. Even after many years of use, the granite tabletop will be as beautiful as on the first day.

    Our Team offers fast delivery of your very own granite tabletop. Not to mention our range includes many different types of granite from all over Turkey. This means that we probably have the largest selection of granite for tabletops for export. With this almost unique selection, you will definitely find your desired granite tabletop with us. When ordering, send us your dimensions and desired processing. With us, you will be sitting at your new granite tabletop in the near future.

    Individualize surfaces

    The most popular are granite table tops with a high polish surface. With polished tabletops, you can not only see the structure and texture of the material but also the color brilliance makes this surface something very special. You can order for your tabletop with the following surface finishes such as polished, satin, brushed, flamed, high-gloss polished.