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    Tell me about Turkish Granite Countertop

    Tell me about Turkish Granite Countertop

    Turkish Granite Countertops?

    Granite is one of the most common materials for worktops. The extraordinary good usage properties of a granite worktop rightly speak for long-term use. As a natural stone, granite is extremely robust, insensitive to cold or heat and very easy to care for, which it favors when used as a worktop.

    As a natural stone, granite presents part of the earth’s history, which is millions of years old. Extremely high temperatures and enormous force have created a fascinating rock mass during the development of the mountains over thousands of years. Man has discovered the advantages of granite, marble or other natural stones for himself. A granite worktop can, therefore, be built into the kitchen in a timeless manner. A granite worktop is also very hygienic, cut-resistant and scratch-resistant. With many types of granite from all over Turkey, our team offers you the largest selection of different types of granite.

    What is the difference between a kitchen worktop and worktops?

    Like the name, a worktop is primarily used for working. Appearance is not the primary thought of a worktop. Rather, a worktop should be robust and suitable for everyday use. kitchen worktop, on the other hand, only requires the best quality of the respective stone and the processing is often delicate and takes place at the highest technical level. A kitchen worktop is not only for work but is often also a work of art made of stone.

    Black granite worktops?

    Worktops are most often ordered by customers in black granite. Black plates can be combined with almost any kitchen and are always an absolute eye-catcher in the kitchen. On our website, you will find a variety of black natural stone types. The black tones range from the deep black with no inclusions. These panels look as if they were coated with high-gloss piano lacquer. We also offer black natural stones with beautiful white veins. You can also find black types of granite or natural stones with golden or silvery inclusions. This creates an optic like a galaxy in space.

    We do not only offer you ready-made worktops. Upon request, we can also offer matching floor tiles or granite tiles in a harmonious color. The time factor in kitchen planning always plays an important role. Punctual delivery is important for the installation of the kitchen. We know these wishes and deliver your worktop on time for installation.

    Do you want a granite worktop? Measure, order and have it delivered directly?

    We, therefore, offer granite worktops in different colors. Granite countertops such as red or green create a modern and aesthetically pleasing impression in the kitchen. The beautiful and above all unique structure of a granite worktop can be wonderfully integrated into any kitchen. Depending on the color design, the worktop can be adapted to your individual wishes. Harmoniously color in combination with the kitchen front or as an attractive contrast between light and dark, the granite worktop is always an eye-catcher between the stove and sink.