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    Stylish Natural Stone Stairs

    Stylish Natural Stone Stairs

    Examples of use for universal plates made of natural stone

    Getting from one level to the next – that is the primary function of stairs. But it is not only the purely functional meaning that counts. The representative and aesthetic effect of beautifully designed stairs significantly enhance entrance areas and living spaces. High-quality materials such as natural stone and quality porcelain stoneware for stairs are particularly suitable for this with their exclusive effect. In this article, we inform you about different types of stair design with natural stone and tiles.

    Which Natural staircase would you like?

    If you are involved with stairs or are currently planning staircase construction, you will find a large selection of models, from bolt stairs to spiral stairs. Whichever model natural stone fits, whether slate, granite, sandstone, marble or travertine – this is determined by the conditions of the room, as well as the taste and furnishing preferences of the residents. For stairs that are to design with natural stone, it is ideal if there are steps and risers with a solid foundation. Free-floating stairs with natural stone.

    Stone tiles laid on steps

    If treads and risers are present or planned on the concrete body substructure, you have several design options. As a variant, the risers can be plastered and tiles can be laid on the steps. At the step you have to make sure that there is no overhang, otherwise, the tiles could break. The plaster looks freshly plastered in combination with stone tiles. The end of the step can be designed with a visible edge, or it can be laid with a finishing rail that accents or harmonizes with the banister – according to personal taste.

    Clad steps and risers with stone tiles

    As a further option, the steps and risers can be clad with natural stone or porcelain stoneware tiles. This results in a nice massive look. One advantage over the variant in which only the steps are laid with tiles is that they are easy to care for. If the risers are dirty, they can be removed quickly with a little water or suitable wiping care.

    The transition from step to the riser

    Rails can be attached at the end of the angle of the steps. When rails and banisters are coordinated, there are beautiful accents for the overall effect of the stairs. But also the variant of steps and risers with tiles and visible edge has a charming look. If you want the tiles of the treads and risers to merge, a so-called miter cut must be made on the corresponding tile sides. This can be done by a stonemason or a tiler.

    Design a staircase with stone slabs

    In addition to designing stairs with tiles, entire slabs of natural stone and porcelain stoneware can of course also be used. Beta Stone Experts has several universal slabs made of natural stone in the range, which are well suited as stairs. After cutting, large-format porcelain stoneware slabs are also ideal for designing stairs. Universal panels can be used wonderfully for stairs, especially outdoors, and score with good water drainage.