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    Silence Grey Marble

    Silence Grey Marble

    Elegant Natural stone in trendy color

    Gray as far as the eye can see – nobody has been able to avoid the trend color for a few years now. Whether it is about fashionable key pieces, car colors or the interior: the “Shades of Gray” is constantly popular and is an integral part of the range of fashion colors that set the tone. The trend towards subtle color has also long since arrived in interior design. Flooring in matt gray from exposed concrete is becoming increasingly popular. Original natural stones such as slate or robust granite are also popular. For some time now, gray marble has been experiencing a real renaissance.


    Marble is a noble classic that has refined interiors and representative public buildings since ancient times. White Carrara marble is associated with marble today. Gray marble looks less classic and luxurious but has a certain cool factor in the trendy shades of different shades of gray. Like other types of natural stone, marble tiles have excellent thermal conductivity, which makes them predestined for combination with underfloor heating. Unlike sandstone, the surface of the marble is very dense and even. In contrast to the related travertine, marble does not have a typical pore structure, but a dense, even surface.