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    Rustic Travertine Stone

    Rustic Travertine Stone

    Wonderfull Rustic Travertine tiles and slabs for your home

    Travertine Rustic is a natural stone with many facets. Whether romantic country house style or rustic contrast to modern furniture: the creamy basic tone allows the antique-looking travertine to harmonize with a variety of room concepts. Thanks to a large number of formats, every living dream can be fulfilled and every desired effect can be achieved. A clear advantage is a problem-free installation on floor heating. Due to the tumbled surface and the exciting pattern, dust is not immediately visible. No matter whether you want to install this travertine in the kitchen, hallway or bathroom, it enchants every room.

    Liveliness meets naturalness with Rustic Travertine

    As the name suggests, the travertine rustic has a rustic touch. Its creamy-beige, the natural base tone is accompanied by brownish inclusions. Occasionally, dark veins breathe life into this travertine, which brings exactly the right amount of liveliness. So it looks exciting, but not restless. The gentle tumbled underscores its antique character. The Rustic travertine tile is ideal for a romantic, rustic country house style or as a striking eye-catcher in combination with modern furniture.

    Can be installed throughout the house

    After treatment with a natural stone impregnation, the Rustic travertine tile can be installed in all living rooms without hesitation. This way, this travertine can unfold its charm in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Its ease of care is particularly great. Thanks to its grain and tumbled surface treatment, the dust appears to disappear on the tile.

    Warm feet thanks to high thermal conductivity