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    Rustic Natural Stone Style

    Rustic Natural Stone Style

    Create an original living experience with Rustic natural stone tiles

    A room that exudes warmth and comfort: an original natural stone floor, with all-round wood in view, whether as heavy wooden furniture, lively wooden floorboards or paneling on the wall, also combined with an eye-catcher made of natural stone bricks on the wall, the pure originality radiates – here one would prefer to retreat with a book under the light of a chandelier with a hot tea and forget the world for a moment, enjoy a homely and exclusive atmosphere that radiates a friendly lightness.

    Rustic style, try it with coziness …

    The call to relax Balu the Bear from the jungle book – in this style of furnishing it seems to be taking shape. True to the motto “Back to the roots”, a naturalness that invites you to linger is the starting point of the rustic style. But: What is this style all about? Clearly: pure nature! A lot of wood in your own four walls, ideally in combination with other natural products such as natural stone, ensures the cozy basic tone of the furnishings. This style can be a bit coarser and more solid: rustic furniture made from untreated pine or oak not only gives your living room a down-to-earth, unadulterated flair.

    Profit with the rustic style

    Not only wood makes the style – stone on the wall and on the floor also brings a cozy feeling of wellbeing into the room. Natural stone tiles not only shine here in winter with a few unbeatable properties: in the cold season, they store heat, ensure pleasant coolness on hot days and a good indoor climate all year round. In addition, natural stone tiles are also easy to care for and, with their individual character as a natural product, make a statement for sustainability and naturalness. An ideal floor to lay the foundation for rustic interior design. But which stone should it be? “In my opinion, a more structured natural stone is particularly suitable for a rustic style.

    Natural, effective elegance

    When it comes to decoration: less is more! In order not to distort the honest, informal basic orientation of the rustic style, decorative elements are reduced and deliberately used. Natural simplicity and simple elegance work here primarily through the choice of materials. Shabby chic is also closely related to the rustic style. Small blemishes are a characteristic feature that is wanted and sometimes (unlike in the country-style or generally in the rustic style) also artificially created.

    Dark beauty

    The travertine Noce is not only popular with the country house style at home, with its nuanced coloring in flowing bridal tones. This dark beauty gains a subtle, rustic touch, especially through the old, tumbled surface treatment, which can be staged particularly effectively with lighter woods.

    Travertine Rustic!

    Rustic travertine tiles also have the rustic flair in their name. With their natural, from a light, creamy beige to a rich nut-brown, the color gradients are a perfect addition to solid wooden furniture. With a moving vein, natural surface treatment and large pores, these tiles are particularly original and bring both a relaxed atmosphere and also skilfully close to nature in your own four walls.

    Rustic style also goes well with Mediterranean and modern elements

    The virtuoso combination of naturalness and modernity; these points can also be attributed to the Mediterranean style. In fact, both styles are often and happily combined: “Mediterranean and modern styles not only use materials similar to wood and natural stone,” says interior designer Bertz can form many beautiful combinations. ”Structural difference: While Mediterranean-style rooms often radiate a certain lightness and the wood looks rather fine and decorative, the rustic style is characterized by a rather solid material.

    The rustic style of living also for outdoor!

    An atmosphere of naturalness close to nature can not only be created indoors in the living room and the like – with rustic natural stone slabs, it also works well outdoors. Most of the above-mentioned types of travertine, such as Travertin Rustic and Travertin Medium, are also available for outdoor use. Regardless of whether you opt for a purely rustic design, or for a combination of modern living with a rustic ambiance – natural stone brings the stylish and down-to-earth feeling to the garden, courtyard or onto the balcony.