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    Red Marble Turkey

    Red Marble Turkey

    First-class decorative marble

    Red marble is indescribably beautiful, exciting and a first-class decorative stone. This wonderful natural stone has been used for statues and decor for several centuries.

    With intensive coloring and fine veining, this marble in various shades of red has always been versatile in its application. It comes from a distant epoch of the Middle and Upper Jurassic. This period was almost unimaginable about 200 million years ago and was completed around 145 million years ago. At a time when dinosaurs inhabited the planet Earth, white and red marble developed and can now be found as living witnesses to human history.

    Red marble – excitingly beautiful

    This particularly beautiful marble has numerous occurrences around the world. The mining areas in Italy are located in Valpolicella and are known as Veronese marble. Strictly speaking, the colored structures are a tuber lime, which has been used as decorative stone for more than 2000 years due to its exceptionally beautiful appearance. It exists in nuances from red-orange to dark red-brown. The sediment deposits in the rock can be seen particularly well. With a bit of luck, this red marble contains well-preserved fossils or even ammonites.

    A close relationship between marble and limestone

    The boundaries between limestone and marble are not always clear. Both natural stones are closely linked. Ultimately, red marble has a higher density and is, therefore, harder than the limestone that is close to it. Marble is clearly called transformation stone, which means that it has undergone a process of metamorphosis and originally consisted of the fine limestone. From a scientific point of view, the two natural stones limestone and marble are often delimited in different degrees. In the first place is a dense limestone, which contains many fossil remains or animal skeletons. Its place of origin is attributed to the seabed. This is followed by the porous limestone, which is also known as freshwater lime. Then comes the Oolitic limestone, then the fine-grained, loose circles consisting of animal remains and finally the hard and slightly glittering marble.

    One of the most beautiful natural stones

    Red marble creates an incorruptible charm in every area of the house. As a floor covering, it ensures comfort and, depending on your taste, a fine-grained structure or the characteristic veining can be selected. Red marble certainly radiates a touch of noble character and enchants the bathroom in a uniquely beautiful wellness oasis. Here it can of course also be installed as a wall tile for the shower area or as a noble washstand. It is extremely easy to get enthusiastic about this wonderful natural stone. It is because of its appearance, which holds the promise of a stylish marble from every perspective. Elazig Cherry and Bilecik red beige the most famous stones in turkey