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    Quartzite Stairs and Steps

    Quartzite Stairs and Steps

    The quartzite staircase a symbol of durability

    Quartzite is therefore helpful not only as a floor covering but especially for the design of the stairs. Here, beautiful transitions can be created, so that the look of the floor is expanded via the stairs. Because of its extreme hardness, quartzite is ideal as stair treads. Therefore, a quartzite staircase will optimize living quality, especially in busy areas. We can also offer you the matching quartzite tiles or slabs for your staircase for a harmonious picture.

    Quartzite beautiful and very robust

    The basis for quartzite is the metamorphosis. The transformation fused quartz bodies from a sandstone. These processes occurred due to the increase in ambient temperature and pressure deep inside the earth’s crust. The result is a very hard stone due to the fusion, which is easy to split and is very suitable for flooring, stairs or wall tiles. Quartzite was used as a decorative stone in ancient Egypt. And even Napoleon was embedded in an ornate, red-brown sarcophagus. Alta quartzite is really exclusive. The natural stone from Norway is considered very decorative and also has an extremely high density.

    Indoor or outdoor stairs made of quartzite

    Quartzite occurs in different colors worldwide. The pure quartzite is usually white to light gray. However, if the amount of rock contains limonite, then it presents itself in yellowish to red colors. Beautiful gray-blue or gray-green shades are also possible. They were formed during the mountain formation by kyanite or pyrite. In Italy, a fascinatingly beautiful silver quartzite is even mined. The high quality of this natural stone is evident in its pliability, low porosity, and natural rough processing. This means that quartzite steps are above all non-slip and can be used indoors, such as on the terrace or the entrance to the house. In this regard, the impressive effect of the decor and its functionality play a common song.

    Natural stone stairs are popular!

    It is the comfort that quartzite radiates. This pays off in particular if window sills and panel coverings made of natural stone are also to be installed. The special effect here is also easy maintenance. Tailored to individual dimensions as steps, a simple transition from one floor to the next turns into an attractive eye-catcher. Last but not least, the natural coloring of the quartzite is very suitable to be combined with materials such as wood, iron or stainless steel. In conjunction with modern support and railing elements, an individual staircase develops in the house. Special cuts are possible with us. We cut stairs and matching bricks for you so that a harmonious look is created.