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    Pools and wellness oases made with natural stone

    Pools and wellness oases made with natural stone

    Wellness made with natural stone luxury for body and soul!

    Natural stone pools
    Even the Romans built their baths and showers from this unique material. At that time they were used to cool the thermal water. Nowadays it is also often used in wet areas, pools, sauna facilities and more. The colors gray, beige and brown can often be found in public facilities. In the private sector, pink tones are also trendy. Infinite combinations of different natural stone materials offer an incredible variety for the design. A dream!

    The use of natural stone always expresses a certain connection to the earth. Since pools and wellness facilities are mostly used for relaxation, it is, therefore, a great material that fits perfectly here. In addition to elegance, natural stones radiate exactly the calm and down-to-earthiness that it takes to create this suitable ambiance. Consequently, this is also a reason why natural stone can be found in many wellness oases in many 5-star hotels.

    Outdoor pools made of Natural Stone

    No matter whether in the holiday home or in your own garden, on the terrace or on the roof garden – a whirlpool or pool in the outdoor area promises rest and relaxation. What could be nicer than ending the day on a terrace with a whirlpool and enjoying a gentle underwater massage? But in addition to the recovery effect, the look also plays a major role. Since whirlpools or pools are unnatural objects, they need natural outer cladding so that they visually blend with the terrace, house, and garden to create a harmonious overall picture. Natural stone is the perfect partner here. Matching terrace and pool curbs made of natural stone create a look that can be both modern and simple as well as Mediterranean and antique. From crystal marble to limestone to travertine, you have many options when using natural stone for your whirlpool.