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    Pink Travertine

    Pink Travertine

    One of the rare pink-colored travertine marble models. Commonly used for floor and interior wall coverings.
    Product Name: Pink Travertine
    Usage area: Interior and exterior areas of all facade cladding, step and floor projects.
    Characteristics: Pink Colored with a white homogeneous pattern.
    Country of Origin: Turkey

    Pink Travertine Properties

    The origin of the pink travertine is probably related to the origin of the volcanoes in the Turkey Afyon Region. Carbonated and thermal water has risen from a crevice and enriched with dissolved lime. When it reached the surface of the earth, the water collected in a hollow and the lime was then excreted.

    Useful information

    The fact that pink travertine tiles can be combined excellently with underfloor heating also arouses enthusiasm. Almost every natural stone floor is ideal for this. The natural stones store the heat quickly and stay warm for a long time. Due to the polished surface, which creates a velvety soft feeling and the comfortable warmth of the underfloor heating, you will like to walk barefoot over the pink travertine in the room even in winter.

    Another point that could interest homeowners, architects is the price. It is cheaper than marble. Let your dreams come true and get yourself a piece of luxury for a small price in your own four walls!