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    Over 200 Types of Marble Available

    Over 200 Types of Marble Available

    Are you looking for a fine Turkish natural stone floor?

    Then a Turkish marble floor may be a good choice for you. Marble, as a floor covering, gives your living space a noble and warm feeling. We offer you an extensive selection of marble types for your very own marble floor.

    Take a look at our extensive marble range, consisting of a large number of different types of marble from all over Turkey.

    A marble floor is relatively maintenance-intensive and, in direct comparison to the granite floor, sensitive to scratching. Marble floors can be easily wet wiped. If you don’t like the highly polished surface, you can also choose the antique brushed surface. An antique brushed surface combines optics and haptics.

    Nowadays we use marble as a building material, especially for wall coverings or as a covering for floors, i.e. especially for interior fittings. Marble floors are not frost-proof and very sensitive to acids. Therefore, a marble floor is unfavorable and actually not suitable for use in kitchens or other busy areas. Aggressive cleaning agents such as Citrus fruits, wine or vinegar, which are often found in the kitchen, Therefore, a marble floor in the kitchen is only possible if a stain protection treatment is carried out beforehand.