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    Onyx Marble for Backlighting

    Onyx Marble for Backlighting

    We have a large selection of marble for backlighting
    Translucent Onyx Marble!

    Natural stone elements in the living room or at the workplace convey warmth, security, and timeless elegance. The possible uses of the noble and harmonious material are diverse: from shower rear panels to tabletops and even wall pictures natural stone combinations that beautify every interior. The room atmosphere is magically embellished with backlit onyx marble or other fine types of marble. Natural stones can be integrated into any room design.

    From stylish to elegant natural stone trumps every room with its luxurious look

    Wherever marble can be used for you, it will be an enrichment for your room ambiance. Marble and also onyx marble are suitable for many areas of application: tables, murals, cover plates, window sills, stairs and much more. Marble is also often used for washstands. There are almost no limits to the variable areas of application for marble indoors. Our team will be happy to help you find impressive fine marble tiles, natural stone tiles for your premises. We advise you on the possible uses – suitable for your personal marble project.

    Not only exceptionally beautiful also the highest quality

    Marble and also onyx are finding more and more customers for harmonious furnishing combinations to beautify their rooms because, in addition to their extravagant flair, they also have a long shelf life. Furnishing items made of marble are relatively robust and easy to care for.

    Marble & light

    If you would like to backlight your onyx marble stone then we are at your disposal for competent advice. Illuminated onyx is very high quality in design and will enrich the selected rooms with overwhelming exhilaration and a breathtaking ambiance. Particularly noteworthy are translucent applications unique patterns paired with brilliant optics that offer a glamorous touch in the four walls of their location.

    Translucent special tiles for backlighting

    As a natural stone specialist, we also offer you an extensive portfolio of special treatments and substrates to produce tiles for backlighting according to your needs. So we are able to produce materials that are translucent because their petrographic composition does not actually have this property. We can also offer you special tiles that reduce weight by up to 100% with the same strength. We can offer you this service from an adequate order volume.

    Create a good atmosphere in your rooms with extravagant flair natural stone in the interior. Contact us today for a consultation!