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    Noche Travertine

    Noche Travertine

    Noche Travertine is one of the privileged marble types for exterior cladding in buildings, especially resistant to water and sun. also recommended for outdoor flooring applications such as garden, pergola and poolside.
    Product Name: Noche Travertine
    Usage area: Exterior cladding and exterior flooring.
    Characteristics: Dark beige-brown with special patterns
    Country of Origin: Turkey and Italy

    Some useful information

    Different terms are used for limestone tufts in both geological and colloquial language. Lime tuff, travertine and lime sinter are used differentially or synonymously. In technical terms, travertine is the lime tuff that forms when CO2 escapes from CO2-oversaturated spring water.

    This process is known as chemical descaling.
    The names for travertine are often regional or linguistically different (depending on the occurrence):