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    Noce Travertine Turkey

    Noce Travertine Turkey

    Warm shades of brown for your home

    Green grass, the rustle of the treetops and fresh natural air – all of this comes to mind when you look at the travertine Noce. Bring a piece of untouched nature into your home with this stone. Combined with furnishing elements made of wood, a harmonious overall picture in country house style is created. Glass and metal elements frame the Mediterranean ambiance with a touch of modern elegance.

    Great natural ambiance with travertine

    The rustic look and the warm appearance make this stone something special.

    The surface of the stone is tumbled and gives the stone a special touch. Tumbled surfaces are particularly popular because of their soft and velvety feel and invite you to go barefoot. Due to the processing, the stone with its subtle rustic effect fits very well in a natural country house.

    It is worth taking a close look

    We have carefully selected the warm colors that are characteristic of this travertine. Depending on the quarry, the color sometimes varies from washed-out, pale shades to the original Noce tones.
    It is very important to us that we offer the stone in its genuine, unadulterated form with its characteristic brown tones that lie between honey and nut brown.

    Characteristics of tumbled travertine

    Typical of travertine is its hole structure that makes up the charm of this stone. In contrast to polished travertine tiles, the holes of which are sealed at the top during manufacture, tumbled travertine tiles are open-pore. Only when laying the holes are sealed with grout.