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    Nimbus White Marble

    Nimbus White Marble

    Timeless Beautiful Nimbus White Marble

    It was only through Michelangelo that white marble of the “Statuario” variety (Michelangelo was a sculptor) became famous in the Renaissance. Since these days, the noble natural stone has been in high demand for upscale interior design.

    When talking about the design with marble, you have pictures of magnificent palaces and luxurious estates, the walls, and ceilings of which are linked with the noble natural stone. White marble is a sign of prosperity.

    White marble is very popular

    Marble is a carbonate rock; it consists of calcite, dolomite or aragonite. It is also metamorphic. This means that the natural stone is created by the conversion of limestone and other carbonate-rich stones. This happens under a lot of pressure and at a high temperature. White marble is very popular.

    White marble is created when the pressure and temperature are particularly high. It represents the crystalline pure form of marble and is particularly hard. Besides, it is characterized by its translucency: the denser the crystal structure, the more light can penetrate through the stone.