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    Natural stone wall tiles

    Natural stone wall tiles

    Natural stone tiles on the wall

    The stylish appearance of natural stone beautifies living spaces and gives them an unmistakable ambiance. Natural stone tiles and porcelain stoneware tiles with a natural stone look not only look good on the floor, but they also create an exclusive flair on the wall! Wall tiles made of natural stone are particularly suitable for bathrooms – in addition to their practical components, they help to create wellness oases in your favorite style.

    Good indoor climate with wall tiles

    The shower splashes, bath foam overflows, the wet towel dries – a bathroom is a place that is stressed. The constant use of warm water creates a lot of water vapor and thus the risk of mold growth on walls that are wallpapered or provided with plaster. These wall coverings absorb moisture intensively and this can have unpleasant consequences: the mold that develops not only damages the structure of the building but in the worst case also health. Therefore, not only floor tiles but also wall tiles are increasingly used in wet areas, which are also often installed at room height. Tiles on the wall are much more than protection against damage – they can create a very special atmosphere in the bathroom. If there is natural stone or porcelain stoneware with a natural stone look on the floor and wall, the feeling of space is significantly enhanced and gets an exclusive touch.

    Wellness paradise

    Do you love the natural charm of the south and would you like to feel like on vacation with your daily beauty care? With floor and wall tiles in a warm, pleasant color, you are right. Travertine tiles with their color range from beige to nut brown or limestone tiles with light, light tones are inviting and create a wonderful feel-good atmosphere. Combined with other natural materials such as wood or maritime decor, your bathroom becomes a Mediterranean feel-good paradise! Or do you want to design your bathroom with a particularly stylish flair? Then slate tiles are the first choice. The dark stones with the characteristic grain look modern and noble on the floor and wall at the same time. Bathroom furniture and decorations in bright colors further underline this ambiance. Another nice variant for the wall is the use of mosaic: Whether large-scale use or selective highlighting of individual areas: mosaic tiles give bathrooms and living spaces a Mediterranean charm with an antique touch.

    Well-kept wall tiles – easy game

    So that wall tiles do not lose their attractiveness, they should be impregnated. This makes them particularly easy to care for, dirt drips off and can be easily wiped away with water. A mild, natural stone cleaner can also be used for natural stone tiles. Acidic agents should be avoided especially when cleaning travertine tiles and maintaining limestone tiles, as these can damage the stone structure. Better to play it safe with slate and granite tiles and use mild cleaners. Another option for robust, easy-care and attractive walls in wet areas is wall tiles made of porcelain stoneware, in which all available bathroom cleaners can be used. One does not have to do without exclusive natural stone look – the characteristic and striking properties of different natural stones are faithfully reproduced in porcelain stoneware tiles! Incidentally, wall tiles are not only suitable for bathrooms – kitchens also benefit from the beautiful look and practical effect. There are also attractive options for laying wall tiles for living rooms – natural stone facing bricks create visual highlights and easy-care porcelain stoneware tiles with a wood look and plank format conjure up vintage-inspired flair on the walls. Wall tiles can also be used outdoors, where it should be ensured that the tiles are frost-resistant. Chic accents on the floor and wall – wall tiles enhance your home inside and out!

    What’s the difference between floor tiles and wall tiles?

    What is the difference between these two products? Can you use floor tiles as wall tiles? The second question is easy to answer: yes. Basically nothing speaks against the use of floor tiles on the wall. Conversely, that would be more problematic: wall tiles are usually thinner and therefore lighter than floor tiles. The degree of hardness is not sufficient to withstand the daily stresses that a floor has to endure. The abrasion resistance is also not given, and the slip resistance of floor tiles is an important criterion, especially in wet areas. Wall tiles do not have to have these properties, which is why they are unsuitable for floors. But if you want to bring our beautiful natural stone floors to the wall, you can do so without hesitation. You just have to keep in mind that floor tiles are more difficult to glue due to their higher weight.