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    Natural stone stoves

    Natural stone stoves

    Magical romantic fireplace in winter

    A warming bonfire with cracking logs – what could be nicer in the cold season than sitting by the cozy fireplace? The comforting warmth of the fire envelops you in a feeling of coziness and comfort. Our ancestors warmed by the fire thousands of years ago. Today we are happy to spend cozy hours with a cup of hot tea in front of the fireplace.
    The surrounding area is also decisive for the romantic campfire in the house: a non-combustible floor covering such as natural stone is ideal for the living room with a fireplace. It is insensitive to dirt, easy to maintain and matches the ambiance if you want to furnish your home, and with high quality.

    Fireplace and natural stone floor

    The fireplace is the focus of this country-style living room. When the fire is lit in the evening, cozy warmth is in the spacious living and dining room. Actually, it goes without saying that the family dog has found his favorite place on the natural stone floor next to the fireplace.

    A space-saving fireplace

    A smaller stove model that takes up less space but is no less cozy: the so-called Danish fireplace. The travertine rustic floor matches the rustic furnishings, as does the open firewood corner.

    A fireplace for the modern style

    This living room has a completely different look. Fireplace friends live here who have kept their living room puristic and in clear color contrasts (floor: travertine medium line). The warm fire in the fireplace is a lively eye-catcher. The modern stove radiates enough heat to make the spacious living and dining room cozy and warm – even on cold winter days when the snow outside swirls the windows.

    Heating with a natural stone fireplace

    The natural stone fireplace has a long tradition – and now shines in a modern look. Marble, light sandstone or limestone are used as cladding for the entire fireplace or only for the seating area of tiled or basic stoves. The processing of the stones determines the character of the fireplace: embossed stones for a natural surface structure have a rustic appearance; cut stones give a noble look. The interior also became more modern: today natural stone fireplaces with modern heating inserts come onto the market.

    Natural Stone and Chemine

    The fire crackles and throws its warm light on the natural stone cladding of the fireplace. This image is not wrongly saved in many people’s minds under the keyword “cozy”. Natural stones and chimneys fit together perfectly. Thermal energy and optical heat form a harmonious combination. Natural stones in shades of beige, orange and brown, such as travertine, are particularly suitable for this. Its friendly brown shades go wonderfully with a rustic fireplace.

    Natural stone stores heat

    But natural stones and chimneys are not only about optically: the thermal conductivity of some types is extremely useful. The fire warms up the tiles and stores this energy, which is emitted into the environment for a long time later.

    Countless possible combinations

    But not only on, but also in front of the fireplace, natural stone tiles look good. Depending on the floor covering, there are extremely diverse combination options and play of colors. And there is no one who cannot realize his individual style. Anyone who prefers a rustic, modern atmosphere with a modern, clear ambiance is well advised to use slate. The shadows of the flames dance in the slate of the dark, soothing floor. A rather futuristic designed fireplace fits this, e.g. in white, very good. Another variant that takes into account the visual advantages of wood is the use of travertine natural. This natural stone tile has a grain that closely resembles the structure of wood. Pure comfort without risk of fire!

    Of course, there are numerous other possible combinations. There are no limits to your ingenuity! No matter which style of living you prefer, the interplay of natural stone and fireplace enhances every living space. So nothing stands in the way of a cozy evening in your own living room.