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    Natural stone slip resistance

    Natural stone slip resistance

    Safe installation on tiles and terrace tiles

    Slips on the slippery ground can end badly and lead to painful injuries. Therefore, choosing a non-slip floor covering for your own home is very important: A sure-footed floor gives us protection and a safe feeling. Do porcelain stoneware tiles and patio tiles meet the criteria for safe flooring? In this article, we inform you about the slip resistance and slip resistance of the ceramic material.

    Security in private areas

    Whether in the bathroom, in workrooms, on the terrace or in front of the sauna in the basement: there are areas in your own home where it is particularly important to use non-slip floor coverings. In order to avoid accidents and falls in the private sector, there are recommendations for ceramic tiles and terrace tiles: Floor tiles should have an R 9 rating group – they offer good protection against noise. The recommendation of rating group R 10 for good sure-footedness applies to outdoors. The porcelain stoneware tiles and terrace tiles from our range meet these values and thus offer good protection against unwanted slips.

    Don’t be afraid of glazed surfaces!

    Porcelain stoneware is available glazed and unglazed. What’s the difference? Glazed tiles go through a more phase in the firing process, in which a layer is applied to liquid glass. Unglazed tiles, which have a palpable structure like natural stone, have a noticeably non-slip surface. But what about tiles and patio tiles that are glazed? Anyone who associates with the term “glazed” that the surfaces of the tiles and slabs are smooth and slippery is wrong: the glaze is rough on the surface and also contributes to the good slip resistance of the porcelain stoneware tiles and terrace slabs. So whether porcelain stoneware is unglazed or glazed – in both cases, you have a firm grip under your feet.

    Pay attention to values, that have security

    If you choose porcelain stoneware and patio tiles for your home, pay attention to the non-slip values for your own safety. If the products have the recommended values of rating group R 9 for indoor and R10 for outdoor use, you are on the safe side and always have a good feeling on your sure-footed floor.