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    Natural stone roof terrace

    Natural stone roof terrace

    A unique floor covering over the roofs of the metropolis
    Impressive natural stone slabs

    High above the roofs of Hamburg, Vienna or Munich: it can be endured! But even in smaller cities, the roof terrace is a very special kind of retreat. The evening sun can be enjoyed undisturbed until the last ray of the sun has also said goodbye. If you want to equip your deluxe version of the balcony with a special material, natural stone is an attractive option. Natural stones with their original surface are the ideal addition to your urban oasis of wellbeing and balance the restlessness and dynamic of the city.

    In the following, we will show you in our picture series some possibilities of how you can realize your natural stone dream on the roof terrace and what you have to consider.

    Our customers show it off

    In a customer project near Lucerne, a couple laid granite slabs on their roof terrace. The natural stone radiates homogeneity, but also the granite-typical pepper-salt grain is visible. The overall picture of the natural stone slabs appears uniform due to the small dimensional tolerances and a brushed surface. Brushed natural stone feels velvety soft and caresses the feet when walking barefoot.

    Overall, the terrace high above the roofs of Switzerland convinces with modernity and elegance. A yellow shade sail provides shade and adds a splash of color to the roof terrace.

    Different ideas, different styles

    Many homeowners are increasingly adopting modernity in terrace design. The reduced design usually meets subtle colors in gray, black, brown or white. This also results in the typical materials: wood, gray natural stone, concrete or porcelain tiles are used.

    Which flooring you ultimately choose depends on your personal taste. Purism should also be a priority when designing your roof terrace: fewer decorations or flourishes, more clear lines, and shapes. You are not doing anything wrong.

    Natural Stone whether on the roof or terrace

    A natural stone terrace extends the living area outside, be it terraces in the garden, on the roof, on the balcony or as a café or smoking area in public buildings. In addition to aesthetic aspects, the design also focuses on practical factors: not only attractive but also frost-proof, weather-resistant and sure-footed, this is how the ideal natural stone terrace should be.