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    Natural Stone maintenance after installation

    Natural Stone maintenance after installation

    How to keep your Natural Stone like the first day?

    Once the tiles have been laid, you should deal with one last topic: cleaning and maintenance. Soiling already occurs during installation, e.g. through the mortar or grout. These residues should be removed in the first step before applying further care measures.


    Once all impurities have been removed and the tiles have dried, the impregnation should be the next step. When impregnated, the product lies like a wafer-thin film over the surface. This minimizes the likelihood that liquids, oils and other contaminants will penetrate the natural stone. Instead, you can easily wipe it off. To maintain protection, the flooring should be impregnated every four years.

    Color enhancing of Natural Stone

    Would you like to intensify the color of your natural stone? If you treat your floor with the color intensifier, the colors will appear stronger and shinier.

    Maintenance cleaning

    It is sufficient if you clean your natural stone floor with a damp cloth or mop. With the previous impregnation, residues can be easily removed. Should there be stubborn stains, you can use the basic cleaner listed above. Outside, you should also make sure that leaves and branches do not remain on the surface for too long, otherwise, discoloration could occur. Regular sweeping is worthwhile!