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    Natural stone in the pool

    Natural stone in the pool

    Exclusive and beautiful

    A natural stone pool with bright blue water – a refreshing pleasure and a wonderful sight! Natural stone was already a hot topic for beautiful thermal baths and exclusive bathing areas in ancient Rome and Greece. Even today, natural stones are in demand both as a pool border and for the interior design of swimming pools. The natural look of the material fits wonderfully with the element water and creates a high-quality and harmonious overall impression. But are all-natural stones suitable for pool design? What are the special features of natural stone coverings for swimming pools? In this article, you will learn interesting facts about the topic.

    Natural ambiance and unique effect

    Turquoise or azure water in a pool lined with natural stone – that looks beautiful and natural. It also gives a particularly harmonious feeling in harmony with nature when swimming and relaxing in the water. Added to this is the exclusivity of a pool with an individual touch that sets it apart from other pools. As a rule, prefabricate plastic pools use in the construction of conventional swimming pools.

    Natural look – but not every stone is suitable

    However, not every natural stone is suitable for use in the pool. For example, limestone and certain types of marble are sensitive to lime or iron. Sandstones are also not suitable for use in the pool since efflorescence can form when in constant contact with water. The porous structure of the travertine provides for a larger surface area.

    Granite and quartzite – top for the natural stone pool

    Hard stones such as granite or quartzite, especially silver quartzite, have proven their worth in wet areas – the extraordinarily robust structure of these natural stones and their visual characteristics, such as glitter and mica effects, are practical and aesthetic advantages for a pool. The famous Valser Therme is an impressive example of the use of quartzite with water. The shades of gray with the green shimmer of the Swiss natural stone combine with the water to create a blue and green sparkling visual experience. Nature and aesthetics are together perfectly!

    The natural warmth and good slip resistance

    Depending on the sun exposure and the weather, the color of the water changes in a natural stone pool. The natural material creates a varied and fascinating look. Water reflects the color of the surroundings – the changing color gradients of the stone surfaces create a particularly beautiful effect. Natural stone offers another advantage – its good heat storage capacity. Linings with panels made of this material are natural sources of heat that store the sun’s rays and ensure a pleasant water temperature. The good slip resistance of natural stone also ensures a good grip in wet areas and offers another advantage for pools.

    Pool aesthetics that take time

    Those who love something special and do not prefer a quick, inexpensive solution can tackle the “Pool with natural stone” project. In contrast to conventional prefabricated pools, the construction of a swimming pool with concrete and natural stone is complex and demanding. Ensure that the concrete is correct and the substrate is chosen right so that permanent bonding is possible. “In any case, the buttering-floating method is better, in which mortar is also convenient to the back of the natural stone slabs. It enables full-surface bonding and prevents voids in the thin-bed mortar. The construction of the pool structure, the sealing measures and the so-called “concrete maturity” (i.e. the compressive strength of the concrete) can take several months. The client and architect have a large selection of design options for this – there are hardly any limits to creativity.