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    Natural stone in the living room

    Natural stone in the living room

    Stylish tiles for the living room

    For many, the living room is the centerpiece of their own four walls. No wonder: here is the space to relax, but also with a personal style that you can put your own stamp on like no other room. Here we spend exciting TV evenings or relaxing hours with our guests. This trend also takes into account the fact that the living area has opened up to the kitchen. Generous openness and togetherness get space for cooking and being together. Functionality combines with personal style to create a very special feeling of living that is reflected in numerous living ideas. Natural materials such as wood and natural stone take up the desire for personal well-being in interior design and bring some practical advantages. Let yourself be surprised how diverse the natural material natural stone can be used in the living room and the different spatial effects natural stone tiles can have on the floor and as wall cladding!

    That is why natural stone in the living room is a win

    Spoiled for choice when it comes to flooring: what should be installed in the living area? Why should it be a natural stone in the living room?

    Durable and robust

    It is not for nothing that natural stones were popular as a building material in ancient civilizations: thanks to their durability, we can still look forward to numerous buildings from ancient Rome or Greece. The best conditions for choosing natural stone in the living room today: Many hard stones, such as Granite Juparana, are particularly insensitive and abrasion-resistant and defy the influences of everyday life. Playing children and raging pets can easily cope with natural stone floor coverings. But tiles in creamy limestone or ivory-colored travertine are also very popular. Sandstone is used less for the floor, but more for the wall or as an eye-catcher for decoration.

    Heat conduction

    This is not only good for notorious frostbite: Due to their thermal conductivity, natural stone tiles are particularly suitable if you want to install underfloor heating.

    Haptics – a pleasure!

    You don’t just want to take your shoes off with underfloor heating in winter: thanks to a variety of surface finishes, natural stone is also a flattering foot in the living room, inviting you to get in touch with it. Velvety soft or like a small, discreet foot massage: the feel makes the natural stone floor in the living area a pleasure.

    Suitable for allergy sufferers

    Good news for everyone who is allergic to artificial substances, fragrances or chemical agents: those who choose a natural stone in the living room choose a natural floor that cannot cause any irritation. Watery eyes, sniffing nose, and rash? Wrong!

    Neutral smell

    An important point, not only for allergy sufferers: natural stone, unlike plastic and plastic floorings such as PVC, vinyl or some types of laminate, is absolutely odorless. After laying, the floor can briefly smell of cleaning agent through impregnation and basic cleaning. However, this evaporates quickly, so that natural stone in the living room does not burden the nose.

    Laying? No rocket science!

    Dimensional natural stone tiles such as Travertine Light or Slate Mustang can be easily installed using the thin-bed method. Do you want to try it yourself?

    Absolutely easy to care!

    Some rumors are tenacious – including the myth that natural stone is sensitive. Most of the time, with water, soft brushes, and mildly alkaline cleaners, it is quickly in good shape again. With a suitable impregnation for the natural stone, you additionally protect the floor.


    Natural stone in the living room – an expensive affair? Clear no: If you choose a robust natural stone floor or wall cladding, you will have a unique floor or great wall for many years. It is worth investing and comparing once: A direct sales company that purchases travertine from Turkey and not from the other end of the world usually has routinely established transport and freight routes. This makes the product cheaper for the customer. In addition, some storage costs can be saved. An advantage that is directly noticeable in the price of natural stone.

    Natural stone types for every taste and budget

    Natural stone is much more than just marble! Especially indoors, different types such as granite, quartzite or limestone can be used to create a natural accent on the floor or on the wall. Here is a small insight into how multifaceted the living room can be with natural stone.

    A Mediterranean, rustic or individual travertine?

    Not in vain for a long-term favorite: travertine is in constant demand both inside and out. No wonder travertine is considered a stone of variants. Coloring, processing, sorting and the typical pore structure offer a suitable natural stone floor for almost every taste and every living idea.

    You don’t always have to go far: this favorite place is pure vacation: the antique surface of the travertine tiles Light feels soft to the touch and the delicately braided furniture, terracotta amphorae and a view of the countryside ensure that your last vacation in Italy comes back to life quickly becomes.