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    Natural stone in the entrance area

    Natural stone in the entrance area

    Inviting atmosphere in the entrance area

    The first impression is often decisive! As with people who we see for the first time, the first time we feel when entering an apartment or house is crucial. A floor made of a natural stone look can score points here: it has a high-quality look and gives the entrance area an exclusive touch. At the same time, stone floors are extremely robust: dirt and moisture that shoes carry in through the house entrance cannot harm the tiles and are quickly removed again. Let yourself be inspired in our contribution by dreamy ideas with natural stone for the entrance area.

    First impression

    Appealing colors and unique structures – natural stones such as travertine, limestone, granite, slate or quartzite have a noble and natural look. Depending on individual taste, you can design your entrance area with a Mediterranean, elegant or modern-exclusive touch. The different types of travertine with colors from light beige to nut-brown create a casual, elegant or rustic ambiance – just as you wish. If you prefer a decidedly modern and elegant entree, you are right with dark slate or quartzite. Entrance areas designed with marble look really representative.

    Friendly welcome with light natural stone

    Light natural stone in beige and cream colors create a dreamy lightness and elegance. Light travertine with its warm tones and cloudy nuances, such as travertine classic light, brings noble and inviting flair to your entree. Limestone tiles with their delicate cream-white tones have a similarly high-quality and slightly elegant look. For a stylish and friendly first impression of apartment and house, light natural stone tiles are a good choice.

    Entrance area with dark natural stone

    Tiles in gray, anthracite or black are eye-catchers and stand for trendy style awareness. A dark floor covering in the entrance area has an extravagant look and can be wonderfully combined with light colors, metal optics or warm wood tones. A floor made of natural stone in rich black tones is impressive.

    Robust & easy to care

    A big advantage, especially in the entrance area: robust tiles that require little maintenance. The hard structure of stone tiles makes them resilient and ideal for heavy use. In the case of tiles made of natural stone, impregnation, which was carried out before or after the installation, is special protection. Liquids and dirt do not penetrate the surfaces but simply roll off thanks to the so-called “nano effect”. Sweep off the dirt with soft brushes, if necessary water and a mild cleaner – that’s all you need to clean natural stone and have a clean, well-kept floor.

    Tips for a nice entrance area

    So that your entrance is practical and inviting at the same time, you should note the following: On the one hand, it is advantageous if there is little furniture as possible in this area. The place where your guests arrive and leave should not appear cramped and overloaded. It is best to only furnish it with a shoe cabinet and wardrobe and possibly a small bench. The room is visually enlarged with a beautiful large mirror. The floor and wall are all the more important for the overall impression – with tiles made of natural stone and beautiful wall color, an inviting and friendly atmosphere is created. You can also create effective effects with lighting design – indirect lighting of natural stone, which is reflected by walls and floors, creates a pleasant and relaxed mood. Also practical is a subtle entrance mat that catches the first dirt from outside.

    Harmonious flair at the door

    A beautifully designed entrance area starts at the door. A platform plate or an external staircase with steps made of natural stone also has a high-quality and appealing look. In addition to the beautiful ambiance that can be created with natural stone in this area, the non-slip surface of the material also offers plus points. In the case of snow and ice, however, you should do without road salt at an entrance made of natural stone, which can penetrate the surfaces. With alternative means such as grit sand, you can also prevent the risk of slipping and also protect the environment.