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    Natural Stone flooring 9 advantages that convince

    Natural Stone flooring 9 advantages that convince

    Tiles made of natural stone

    1. Unique aesthetics

    Natural stone with its advanced structure and authentic natural stone look have a characterful and timeless charisma that cannot be surpassed. Delicate or intense structures, created over millions of years, marbling, natural color gradients or fascinating inclusions on the surface give natural stones their beautiful and high-quality appearance. Tip: It doesn’t necessarily have to be the original: high-quality porcelain stoneware tiles can now come up with a deceptively real natural stone look and also bring individual flair to your home.

    2. Good for health

    Hardly any floor covering has such a health tolerance as a stone floor. In contrast to carpeting, PVC or laminate, tiles made of natural stone and porcelain stoneware do not have any chemical pollution and do not steam out harmful substances in the living area. Allergy sufferers can also be happy – mites, animal hair, etc. have a hard time getting stuck on the stone surfaces. This aspect is particularly important for families with small children who have a lot of direct contact with the ground.

    3. Hygienic and easy to care

    The hard structure of stone floors is a great advantage when it comes to maintaining and maintaining beautiful surfaces. In natural stone, impregnation protects the surfaces and makes cleaning child’s play: dirt, liquids, etc. simply roll-off. Otherwise, clear water and a mild detergent are usually sufficient to keep the floors beautiful and well-kept. Porcelain stoneware is even less demanding to care for – it can take any cleaner.

    4. Durable and functional

    What has developed over millions of years is naturally long-lasting. With a floor made of travertine, granite, you can make a purchase for life if you want. Porcelain stoneware floors are similarly robust. During the production of this material, it gets its extremely resistant and hard structure from firing at the highest temperatures. Wear and traces of wear from everyday life – not an issue with stone floors!

    5. Good heat conduction

    A decisive advantage of stone floors – they are equipped with optimal thermal conductivity. In contrast to other floor coverings such as wood, PVC, cork and laminate, which have rather insulating properties and do not like to give off heat, natural stone and porcelain stoneware conduct heat perfectly. They are therefore the best partner for underfloor heating and heat rooms quickly, efficiently and evenly. At the same time, they are wonderful heat stores – stone patio slabs provide cozy warmth hours after the sun has set.

    6. Good slip resistance

    Slip – please don’t! We feel comfortable on the floors that offer good support. Stone floors are a good choice here – the slip resistance of natural stone and porcelain stoneware is optimal and ensures a secure hold. Do natural stone floors have surface treatments, i.e. they are ground, flamed, brushed or tumbled – this has an additional positive influence on the resistance to noise.

    7. Versatile and wonderfully combinable

    Living rooms, bathroom, kitchen, stairs, terrace – stone floors are suitable for all areas and beautify indoor & outdoor. Stone floors are also the right choice for high-quality and natural flair in the bedroom. The various optics offer unlimited possibilities for interior design. Whether you prefer rustic country flair, light and modern spatial effect or glamorous flair in your rooms – stone floors can offer everything.

    8. Frost-proof and robust for a perfect outdoor

    Cold, frost, extreme weather – stone floors easily put it away. The natural stone slabs from Beta Stone Experts have also been tested for their frost resistance. If the stone slabs are laid correctly and no water can accumulate under the slabs, you can look forward to winter with ease.

    9. Pets love a stone floor

    Stone floors and pets are a good combination. Our four-legged friends especially love natural stone with soft surfaces. The natural feeling under the paws is a real treat for cats, dogs and the like – and that also pleases owners and mistresses! The slip resistance of stone floors is also an advantage for pets.