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    Natural stone as wall cladding

    Natural stone as wall cladding

    Create a unique atmosphere with wall tiles

    Individuality, style and a good dose of nature – our demands on consumer goods and lifestyle have changed rapidly in recent years. In addition to the question of the best ecological diet, the idea of sustainable living and consumption has also reached the fashion industry and meanwhile the area of building and furnishing. Natural materials such as wood, natural stone, leather, and linen have become an integral part of interior design. This trend has also affected the design of the walls: Instead of raw color, oversized photo wallpapers or personal photo galleries, natural stone is increasingly in demand as wall cladding. What possibilities there are, what a natural stone wall can look like and numerous practical tips are here!

    Effect and application

    Rich in contrast or harmonious – natural stone as wall cladding can achieve many effects and fits a wide variety of furnishing styles. The stone look brings it: If a wall is completely covered with natural stone, an atmosphere is created like in a chalet or a country house in Provence. Only a wall or a clad fireplace can look effective. Floor tiles on the wall – because natural stone tiles look great not only in the bathroom, kitchen as a tile mirror or mosaic. Tile for tile can be accented with a border or decorative strip in different rooms.

    How is a natural stone wall covering applicated?

    When installing, make sure to leave connections, lines and required sockets free. The wall should be dry and free of cracks.

    Use high-quality, fast-drying natural stone adhesive for the installation, which you apply to the primed surface. Then attach the cladding module by module, or put the panels together according to their Z-shape. A final impregnation of the stone wall is not absolutely necessary. So that everything stays nice and looks good in the end, you should not fall below the specified drying times.


    Check the statics of the room and wall beforehand! Natural stone has its weight and if it is, for example, retrofitted walls, it is possible that they can not support the natural stone facing. To do this, contact an expert, such as an architect or a craftsman with appropriate practical references.

    Daily care and cleaning

    Those who choose natural stone as wall cladding have minimal effort with cleaning. As a rule, a simple feather duster is sufficient to remove dust and cobwebs from the stone. If you want to damp-clean the wall cladding or wall tiles, use wiping care that is matched to natural stone or a mild cleaner. It is better not to use highly abrasive and acidic cleaners. Have you opted for tile cladding in the kitchen area? To protect the natural stone from fat and sauce splashes, use an impregnation. The so-called nano effect prevents liquids, greases, and oils from being drawn into the stone and can simply be wiped off the wall tile.

    Which natural stones are suitable?

    Lots! Granite, shimmering quartzites, such as the dark shimmering Deoli Green, travertines or slate, embellish the wall as wall tiles. In addition to individual quartzite, Mediterranean travertine or a homogeneous limestone as a wall brick also has an inimitable effect. The variety is great: Different colors and stone textures have the right stone for every taste and furnishing style. Different surface treatments such as split rough reinforce the 3D effect of natural stone as wall cladding and ensure a special spatial experience.