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    Marble Wall Tiles

    Marble Wall Tiles

    Simply beautiful and practical

    Noble natural stone, cozy wood or trendy concrete: With high-quality tiles, your own home can be embellished in any desired look. The authentic look of the tiles can hardly be distinguished from the original – with beautiful stone drawings, characterful wood grain or typical concrete structure and color nuances. Besides, tiles score with robust and super easy-care properties – and are therefore becoming increasingly popular as wall tiles!

    Perfect material for the wall

    Wall cladding gives rooms a very special ambiance. A rustic effect can be created as well as a state-of-the-art look – depending on your preference, the look of elegant natural stone, warm-friendly wood or cool concrete can be used to design. The advantages of wall tiles slant in the relative lightness of the material, which is advantageous for laying. In addition, floor tiles and wall tiles made of Marbles are extremely robust – during production, they are fired at much higher temperatures than other ceramic tiles made of earthenware. They are immune to scratches and wear and score with the simplest everyday care.

    Design with wall tiles

    In some rooms, the use of wall tiles is in demand – also to the interior design, functional aspects play a major role here. Besides to wet areas and cellars, wall tiles are used in kitchens – a tile mirror in the cooking area is practical and easy to maintain. With large-format tiles in a beautiful look, the spatial effect can also be wonderfully enhanced. Wall tiles are also becoming increasingly popular in living rooms. With the trendy concrete look, the home gets a state-of-the-art ambiance and with tiles, in a wood look on the floor and wall, you can bring a touch into your own four walls.

    Easy-care wellness oases

    Bathrooms are places that are used intensively – water vapor and splashes of shower and bath are on the agenda. With walls that are covered with plaster or wallpaper, there is a quick risk of mold growth. That is why there are room-high tiled walls for bathrooms that hardly absorb any moisture. Marble is one of the hardest floor and wall coverings ever and has negligible water absorption. The best prerequisites for a healthy, comfortable climate in the easy-care bathroom with porcelain stoneware, which can also be designed as a personal wellness oasis. Would you like a bathroom that is completely designed in a homely wood look? This is easily possible with stone tiles – real wood would swell and become unsightly after a short time.

    Energy-saving warmth with wall tiles

    Also to the visual and practical advantages, wall tiles also offer other options: Similar to underfloor heating, pipes can also be laid in walls and then fitted with wall tiles. Also to natural stone, is one of the materials with top values in thermal conductivity. The tiles, which heat up, are able to conduct heat faster into the room and shorten the heating-up phase. Low indoor air temperatures are enough to enjoy a cozy warmth – this saves a lot of energy. A nice side effect of the discreet heating: no radiators disturb the room effect.

    Laying wall tiles how it works!

    If you have a little bit of craftsmanship, you can do the laying of wall tiles yourself. To do this, the surface must first be prepared and the surface cleaned and sealed. Then prime with a deep primer or adhesive emulsion, then apply the mixed flexible adhesive to the surface. It is best to start laying the tiles on the outer edges of the walls. After gluing the tiles, continue with the grouting, seal the corner and expansion joints and, after drying, clean the tiles thoroughly.