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    Marble Tiles Color Combinations

    Marble Tiles Color Combinations

    Marble tiles for a modern Home

    Let’s be honest, a house or an apartment will only really become perfect if the building materials are harmoniously coordinated. It is important to set the right accents! With marble tiles, it becomes modern and chic in your home. The nice thing about choosing marble tiles is that you trust a safe combination of quality, elegance, and timelessness.
    The large color palette of marble allows modern color combinations that can perfectly match your interior. From very light gray and beige tones to dark anthracite or black-colored, you enjoy exquisite variety and almost limitless combinations.

    Easy-care marble tiles

    Marble tiles are very easy to care for and quick to clean, but not acid-resistant. For this reason, you must not use aggressive cleaners. Even a small amount of cleaning agents (soft soap, detergent, neutral detergent) is enough to get tiles clean.

    Marble is used wherever you want it. As flooring in the entrance area, accent lighting in the bathroom, kitchen or design object in the living room.

    On request, we can process your marble tiles the way you want them. In different thicknesses, shapes and colors, tailored, ready to use in different surface treatments