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    Marble Floor Stone Turkey

    Marble Floor Stone Turkey

    High quality & noble floor design

    Robust and durable, yet radiantly beautiful and of high quality – if you choose a marble floor in your own four walls, you choose a durable material and at the same time make a stylish statement. You can read useful and practical information about the care, cleaning, and laying of this natural stone here!

    Effect & processing

    The characteristic distinguishing feature of marble is clearly the look: Cloud-like marbling runs through the stone structure and thus decisively shape the appearance of the natural stone. These structures can be light or dark, narrower or thicker, or even very artistic ramifications.

    The respective surface treatment of marble flooring plays an additional role in the overall effect. A classic is the polished processing. Due to the high gloss, the floor looks particularly luxurious and valuable, which is why this marble floor particularly suits the classic furnishing style. The natural stone floor appears more closed and even and the typical cloud structure is worked out more through the processing.

    A marble floor with a polished surface appears more ugly but no less valuable. Similar to polished marble, the effect comes from the use of mechanical abrasive grains. A polished marble floor shines less but is more characterized by a satin finish, which makes the overall effect more modern and the feel softer.

    Long-lasting and heat-conducting

    Ancient buildings and representative buildings do not lie: a marble floor is not a granite floor, but it is also characterized by its high durability. Over time, however, a floor can become dull in some places as a result of heavy wear and tear when running streets form. But don’t worry: a marble floor can be reconditioned by a specialist company by grinding and polishing. The floor shines like new again through crystallization and intensive brushing.

    Frost bumps are happy: like other natural stone tiles, marble tiles shine with excellent thermal conductivity. Compared to other floor coverings such as wood, laminate or PVC, a marble floor stores heat for a long time and emits it evenly into the room. Ideal to combine underfloor heating with marble flooring.


    Everyone knows white Carrara marble – the color palette for a stylish marble floor is much larger. In addition to ivory shades and beige tones with delicate, white marbling, there are red marble, green types, mahogany-colored types such as the Emperador Dark or black marble. Gray marble is also becoming increasingly popular because it can be combined with many styles.

    Care and cleaning? easier than you think!

    Is marble flooring sensitive? Not really! If you follow a few pointers, the care and cleaning of marble is not a problem. With marble floors, you should avoid strong abrasive or acidic cleaning agents. Like travertine, marble belongs to the limestone family and is sensitive to acids.

    A lot doesn’t always help a lot. When dispensing, be careful not to use detergents that are too generous. After wiping with a chamois or lint-free cloth, polish – there is a streak-free end result!

    Here’s how: marble floor is laid

    Not as hard as you think: If you don’t have two left hands and have some manual dexterity, you can also lay your marble floor yourself.

    As a rule, high-quality marble tiles, like limestone tiles, are dimensionally stable (thickness 7-12 mm, deviation in the tile thickness of approx. 1 mm) and are laid using the so-called thin-bed method. The adhesive cover of the tile adhesive is approx. 5 mm and therefore hardly allows fluctuations in the tile thickness. Since there could be differences in height between the individual tiles to be installed, the application is limited to small to medium formats.

    Marble flooring outside?

    Fans of the striking natural stone do not have to do without the charming effect of marble outdoors. Marble slabs are particularly attractive for classic or modern terrace designs. we offer Afyon Gray marble slabs for outdoor. The different shades of gray are interwoven with white marbling. The tumbled surface provides a slight matt effect and a flattering, delicate barefoot feeling.

    Marble slabs are best laid loose on gravel and grit. This variant is inexpensive and comparatively easy to implement. A narrow joint can be made or laid seamlessly.