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    Marble Floor Design

    Marble Floor Design

    Turkish Marble Floor Design

    The elegance and unique charisma make marble a popular natural stone for high-quality wall and floor design. With a marble floor, you are choosing a natural material that is handcrafted and processed into fine slabs. Today, the contingent of colors and designs, sizes and areas of application is almost inexhaustible. We would be happy to advise you on which marble floor is ideal for your home and meets the highest demands.

    Marble design according to your wishes

    Designs made of marble can be delivered by us in almost any shape and processing for your needs. Whether as a solid component or a filigree end product we will install your marble project (assuming an adequate order volume). Unlike marble tiles, marble designs are made for you from large marble slabs in 2, 3 or 4 cm thickness with the surface and processing for your requirements.

    The most common marble designs are tabletops, vanities, window sills, mirror-image, such as shower back tiles, solid shower bases & marble bathtubs, or as a (backlit) wall picture. The listed designs are only a very small selection of possible design products made of marble. Marble mosaic and solid Marble profiles are also marble designs.

    The advantages of Marble floors

    Marble is not only versatile in appearance, but also in its nature. We would be happy to assist you in your selection and clarify the differences, for example, between Italian and Turkish marble. Due to the composition of the materials and the legal regulations in the country of manufacture, marble becomes a generic term, which has different structures, color spectra, and properties. In all cases, a marble floor is extremely robust and resilient, easy to clean and, thanks to its fine-pored surface, very easy to care for. Mainly used for indoors, marble has established itself as a luxurious material for floors, wall design and surfaces of furniture or tabletops. A marble floor can also attract attention and a charming aura outdoors on the terrace or balcony and in the entrance area of ​​your house. A marble floor is hard-wearing and therefore a decision that you make in the present with a focus on the future.

    The white Afyon for high demands

    Turkish Afyon marble, in particular, has prevailed in the field of the luxurious floor design. The marble called white Afyon is robust and fine-pored, very noble in design and versatile. If you would like to design your floor with marble, we would be happy to recommend the right material composition and show you which marble floor is optimal for your kitchen, bathroom or terrace. You enjoy the variety of possibilities and choose the color and structure according to your own ideas. Lighter or darker, structured or grained marble gives your floor an exclusive look and will delight you with its visual and tactile details. Since it is a stone made of natural minerals, each marble slab is unique and makes your marble floor special.


    We offer almost our entire range that you can find under marble as so-called floor slabs. We can offer floor slabs in 1.5 cm or 2.0 cm thickness.

    Floor slabs are available with a fixed-width format of 30.0 cm or 40.0 cm and in free lengths. Marble floor slabs are not calibrated and the edges are sawn. On request, we can also supply you with floor slabs in fixed formats (so-called format slabs). Marble floor slabs can of course also be delivered to the size you require. Most often, however, marble tiles are used for floors.

    If you have any questions about marble floor slabs, please contact us.