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    Limestone in the garden

    Limestone in the garden

    Elegant natural stone with a blue shimmer effect.

    If you are looking for something special for your outdoor area, limestone is a hot tip. The subtle natural stone surprises with a bluish shimmer depending on the incidence of light and with its subtle grain look particularly elegant. Special surface treatments give the precious stone a trendy look. Especially in connection with modern garden design, the interesting and characterful natural stone makes its big appearance. Let yourself be inspired to wonderful outdoor ideas with limestone in the garden!

    Bluestone terrace trend

    Natural charm, combined with modern elements such as attractive processing traces – a terrace with limestone slabs bluestone azure stands for a trendy and at the same time authentic style in the outdoor area. The noble basic tone in light gray is broken through by the subtle veining on the bluestone slabs, and the rays of the sun make the surface shine with shimmer in blue tones. The deliberate processing traces and the hand-worked edges also create a chic, stonewashed effect that is reminiscent of designer jeans with a used look. This special charisma makes bluestone terraces increasingly popular and trendy.

    Great combination with cool outdoor furniture

    The attractive appearance of limestone slabs offers beautiful design options that can be used to stage outdoor areas with the desired flair. Combined with high-quality outdoor furniture and elegant colors such as cream-white or black, the terrace looks very elegant, with a dash of natural charm. When chic and trendy outdoor furniture and trendy colors meet a bluestone terrace, the result is a state-of-the-art look that other floor coverings can hardly offer in this way. But also combined with furniture and decoration made of natural materials, the limestone terrace gets a nice flair and natural lightness. Decide for yourself how you prefer to stage your outdoor area with limestone!

    An important question, is limestone frost-proof?

    If you plan your terrace design, you always ask yourself the question: Will my desired floor slabs and facing bricks withstand extreme weather conditions and will they get through cold winters with frost and snow? Similar to sandstone, limestone is not as hard in structure as other natural stones, for example, granite or basalt, but can still be laid outdoors without hesitation. All-natural stone slabs are tested for their frost resistance at Beta Stone Experts, including the limestone slabs. Due to clay deposits, bluestone Azur has some natural weakness zones and is classified as “conditionally frost-proof”. However, if everything is done professionally during the installation, there is only a negligible residual risk that there will be isolated breaks.

    Correctly maintain limestone outdoor

    It doesn’t take much effort to maintain a limestone terrace beautifully and well-kept. An impregnation during or after the installation forms basic protection and allows contaminants to simply roll-off. Otherwise, simply sweep off the dirt and clear water, with which the plates are sprayed off, is sufficient in most cases. If there is stubborn dirt from falling glasses with coloring liquids or splashes from the food to be grilled, this is also not a problem. Wipe care tailored to natural stone helps quickly and effectively to make everything shine again in its old glory. You should not use high-pressure cleaners, as this procedure could damage the stone structure of bluestone. Read more about the care of limestone – patio slabs and limestone tiles here!