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    Large Marble Tiles

    Large Marble Tiles

    Modern variety in XXL format

    When choosing the perfect tiles, you not only have to choose between a variety of materials, colors, and decors – the choice of the right format also plays a major role. Finally, the size of the tiles also has an impact on the effect of the room.
    In the following, you will learn more about design options about laying and maintenance of trendy XXL tiles.

    Top choice for every furnishing style

    Whether natural stone or porcelain stoneware – XXL tiles give rooms that certain something: Large rooms look particularly classy and elegant with large format tiles. The large-format makes surfaces appear more harmonious and calm it gives your rooms a high-quality look.However, large tiles are not only suitable for use in large rooms – they also come into their own in small rooms. Smaller rooms and living areas can be optically enlarged with large format tiles. Large rectangular tiles e.g. can make short rooms appear longer. This effect is even more pronounced when using light tiles and light grout color.

    Exclusive large formats

    Whether cozy wood look, trendy concrete look or high-quality stone look: large size tiles stoneware is en vogue. The large format tiles are particularly popular in combination with modern living styles and give rooms a trendy and elegant look. Formats such as 40x60cm and 60x60cm are widespread, larger and more unusual formats such as 60x120cm or 45x90cm are less common, which makes them appear more exclusive and individual.

    Versatile: XXL tiles

    Large-format stoneware tiles can be used in a variety of ways: as floor or wall tiles, they enhance any room. Large format panels also look particularly modern and trendy outdoors. This is due to the fact that large-format tiles require fewer joints overall. This gives the surfaces a particularly calm and homogeneous look. At the same time, the tile design appears much better in the larger area. Large-format tiles bring a classy look to your rooms, whether inside or outside, on the floor or on the wall.

    Top care properties

    Large tiles also score with practical properties such as easy maintenance. Larger tiles mean fewer joints, which means less cleaning.

    Thermal conductivity and slip resistance

    The size of the tiles has no influence on the thermal conductivity or slip resistance of the tiles. Tiles impress with their ability to store heat and their sturdy surface, regardless of the format of the tiles.

    What do you have to consider when laying large tiles?

    Large-format tiles come into their own when the tiles are laid with very narrow joints. The more similar the joint and tile color, the more elegant and harmonious the surface appears. The size of the tiles also brings a corresponding weight, which in turn has to be taken into account during transport and installation. It is advisable to have large format tiles installed by experienced tilers.